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 6. Shortly after delivering the Israelites from Egypt and before they arrived at Mt. Sinai, God
a. Changed the Sabbath to Sunday.
b. Made it absolutely clear to them which day is His Sabbath by miraculously providing manna every day.
c. Did not test their obedience to His Sabbath commandment.
d. Told them that He did not care if they kept His Sabbath.
7. In the special Sabbath covenant God made with ancient Israel, He said that Sabbath keeping would
a. Be a sign identifying Him as the Creator God.
b. Be a sign only to the Jews showing that they were His people.
c. Be necessary only until Christ’s First Coming.
d. Not be required forever.
8. Keeping the Fourth Commandment is a crucial test of our obedience to God because
a. Most people want to be different from the world.
b. Most people want to obey all of God’s commandments.
c. It identifies those who have truly surrendered to God – who strive to obey all of His commandments.
d. It is the only commandment we must keep.
9. God’s people today are spiritual Israelites (Gal 3:28-29), and therefore
a. Keep God’s Law in the spirit, not in the letter.
b. Are not required to keep the Sabbath as did Abraham and Jesus Christ.
c. Do not need to keep any of God’s laws.
d. Keep the Sabbath as a sign they are His people.
10. Which statement is FALSE?
a. If the Israelites had obeyed God, they would have become a nation of kings and priests.
b. Keeping God’s Sabbath has no connection with a Christian’s responsibilities in God’s Kingdom.

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