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 c. Keeping the Sabbath is part of God’s teacher-training program.
d. Obedient Christians will become spiritual nation of rulers and teachers when born into God’s Family.
11. Jesus Christ kept the Sabbath
a. In obedience to His own command, setting an example for us to follow.
b. Because that was the day His friends and neighbors kept.
c. Because it was Jewish.
d. Only to follow family tradition.
12. The
a. Apostles were observing Sunday.
b. Gentile Christians never did keep the Sabbath.
c. Apostles did not teach Sabbath keeping.
d. True Church kept the seventh-day Sabbath decades after Christ’s crucifixion.
13. The Apostle Paul taught the Gentiles
a. Not to follow his example of Sabbath keeping.
b. That the Sabbath was for Jewish Christians only
c. To imitate His example of obedience to God.
d. To keep Sunday.
14. Which statement is FALSE?
a. God made sure that the knowledge of when to keep His holy Sabbath has been preserved.
b. God used the Jews to preserve the Old Testament Scriptures and His calendar.
c. The Jews have faithfully retained the knowledge of the correct day for God’s Sabbath.
d. Time was “lost” between A.D. 70 and now, breaking the weekly cycle.
15. The
seventh-day Sabbath
many references to the Sabbath in the New Testament show that the
a. Does not picture the coming millennial “Sabbath.”
b. Pictures the coming 1,000-year period known as the Millennium.

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