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                                   The gates are elevated and
                                   bolted onto the bases.

                                                  9    The public became more and more curious.

                                                 10  Television and newspaper commentators argued back and forth. It
                                                     seemed as if everyone had an opinion. Why would these two artists

                                                     spend millions of dollars to create a gigantic artwork that would
                                                     remain for only two weeks?

                                                 11    Was it art?
                                                       What did it mean?
                                                       Why did they do it?

                                                 12  When questioned, the artists always insist that they make their art to
                                                     please themselves. Jeanne-Claude says, “Artists paint apples
                                                     because they have the urge to paint apples. And if people like the
                                                     art, that’s a bonus.”

                                                 13  Now The Gates would snake through Central Park, offering a fiery
                                                     burst of color on a bleak winter landscape. It was Christo and
                                                     Jeanne-Claude’s 21 million-dollar gift to their adopted city.

                                                 14  You had to be there to see it.
                                                     You couldn’t wait.
                                                     Because in 16 days it would all disappear.
                                                     The stage was set for opening day.

                                                      opinion  Your opinion is what you think or believe about something.

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