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   Belle's gums after homeopathy
anxiety over his cat’s health. He plans to receive homeopathic treatment himself.
Belle’s homeopathic remedy, Arsenicum album, is a remedy for insecure, delicate, highly-strung types, who tend to react both physically and emotionally to the slightest stress. Nervousness, trembling, restlessness and excitement can be easily brought on by any disturbance. With their restlessness and hyperactive tendencies they can easily get exhausted. They may be all right for a while, busy, happy, restless, and mentally active, then suddenly become drained, depressed and nervous – easily frightened by anything and everything.
Fine features, fine skin and fine hair make for a delicate physical appearance that matches the meticulously tidy personality of Arsenicum album. This delicate barrier that protects them poorly from the outside world, from stimuli and from perceived aggression, opens the way for allergic reactions. Easily catching cold, they may react with violent sneezing attacks to cold weather or any other environmental disturbances.
Belle’s protected life suited her Arsenicum traits but her overprotective caretaker's attitude seemed to have enhanced her inherent sensitivity, resulting in hypersensitivity symptoms.
The cat was reacting to the human’s meticulous care, reflecting his anxiety through her physical reactions; with the homeopathic treatment she regained a balanced physical state while her caretaker overcame his Arsenicum anxieties.

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