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Some of the SWOT conclusions are transferable to the IAVH, (I modified these points)
• IAVH (ECH) is strongly requested to have a
coordinating position
• IAVH (ECH) has to share the information
with national groups
• We have to speak with one voice,
homogeneous reactions
• To act as NATO: one is attacked – all reply
(at the moment we have many homeopathic independent principalities worldwide, and every single principality is too weak to defend homeopathy alone)
• Each national association should have a specific contact for communication and PR affairs
• Organising communication seminars
• Hélène demands to extend the social
media trend to the veterinarians
• Links with other holistic groups, as well
with open-minded allopathic vets
• Prepare some ready made short
statements in cases of contradictory and unexpected situations
At the end, Sara Eames, Great Britain, talked about the method in GB of gathering all the interested parties in one unity. In 2011 they started to associate doctors, homeopathic teachers, homeopathic pharmaceutical companies, clinics and patient organisations and animal protection organisations, which support homeopathy. They offer an online repertory to the public on a very high level (, which can be used on smartphones, tablets etc.
Next, seven groups with 7 to 8 participants (always from different countries) discussed the SWOT opportunities. Afterwards the speaker of each group reported the results to the audience. Then there was a joint session with subcommittee education about critical thinking by Robbert van Haselen and later the subcommittees met again for summaries and previews.
The third reason for my attendance was about searching for a competent IT-partner for my project Veterinary Repertory, but this a long story. If you are interested, please take a look at my other article about the VetRep´s problems and previews.
My summarising evaluation is:
The ECH and the IAVH have almost similar problems and tasks, so I recommend a close connection to ECH.
At this point I want to thank the IAVH officers for the confidence and my election as the coordinator of the repertory subcommittee in the IAVH.
 A Case of Hip Dysplasia by Jacques Millemann, France
Aliette is a female Saint-Bernard dog and she has a great pedigree. Her owner and breeder, Mrs Claude B... calls me, because her usual vet took an X-ray of Aliette’s hips, when she was limping and found a hip dysplasia in both hips.
The dog never had any health problem and suddenly she started limping. The local vet thought about an injury and on the X-ray he found a bilateral dislocation. The epiphyseal cartilages could still be seen.
The dog is quiet, really cheerful and very lovely. At the age of 11 months, she was not been in season yet. She needs her “mother’s” contact and likes to be caressed. She behaves like a pot of glue with the people, she feels safe with. Her fears? Maybe of loneliness, but this never happens. Her faults? Sometimes the problematic obedience of the Saint-Bernard dog. Her qualities? Those of her breed ...
Aliette pees often but small amounts at a time. She has cystitis. Her urine smells strong and has a more intense colour than usual. There is also a sediment.
She has a slight entropion (frequently found in Saint-Bernard dogs, whose standard dictates a slight fold of the outer corner of the lower lid. This may be more marked with tiredness.
Female; P; MENSES; Delayed in girls, first menses (72) Extremities; P; HIP joint disease (94)
Bladder; P; INFLAMMATION (202)
Repertorisation control
(more general rubrics: the remedy must be in here)
Extremities; P; HIP joint disease (94)
Generalities; P; FOOD and drinks; Cold; drinks, water; desires (232) Urine; P; SEDIMENT (364)
Reporting this pot of glue behaviour with nearly everybody and the delayed first menses I prescribed a single dose of Pulsatilla 30 CH.
Follow up
About 4 months later, I get a phone call from the owner, who tells me that Aliette feels very well, and does not limp any more; that she is very fit. But her vulva is still a little small and that she still wants hugs and rubs herself against her “mother”.
Pulsatilla 5 CH , 3 granules , three times a day for 4 to 5 days.
In the Saint Bernard club journal I can later read that Aliette, when 2 years old, passed successfully the X-ray control for hip-dysplasia. If I remember correctly, she was classified « B ».

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