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                Committee – BAHVS
President – Jane Keogh
Senior Vice-President – Mark Elliott
Junior Vice-President – Chris Day
Hon. Secretary – Stuart Marston
Treasurer – Wendy McGrandles
Magazine Editor – Malene Jørgensen
Communications Officer – Nick Thompson
IAVH Representitive – Nick Thompson
Faculty Veterinary Representitive – John Saxton
Mag distribution – Cheryl Sears
Committee – IAVH
President – Edward de Beukelaer
Treasurer – Don Hamilton
General Secretary – Helene Widmann
Coordinator subcommittee for education – Stefan Kohlrausch
Head of IAVH Office – Markus Mayer
Newsletter subcommittee – Malene Jørgensen
IAVH Communications Officer – Nick Thompson
LIGA contact – Marc Bär
 Statement from the Faculty of Homeopathy in response to recent publicity regarding petition against veterinary homeopathy
 The whole premise of this campaign is based on the blatant mis- representation that homeopathic medicines are ‘only water’.
This is plainly not true.
A global initiative of over 100 researchers from a multiplicity of disciplines (the Group Recherche sur linfinitessimal’ (GIRI)) has been studying solutions described as ‘ultra- dilutions’ for 30 years. They have observed unequivocal evidence of their bioactivity. PubMed alone contains more than 100 papers. Recently, researchers have proven existence of nanoparticles in such solutions.
The foundation of the campaign is therefore untenable from a scientific point of view.
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 The British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons (BAHVS) was formed in 1981, to advance the understanding, knowledge and practice of homeopathy. It aims to stimulate professional awareness of homeopathy and to encourage and to provide
for the training of veterinary surgeons in the practice of homeopathy.
It is an open forum for differing approaches to the subject of veterinary homeopathy and it’s application, allowing for constructive interchanges of ideas.
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