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  Wife or snake? Lady-Belle, the corn snake by Jacques Millemann (France)
Choupette and her Gaurdian by Jacques Millemann, France
Choupette: a female wire-haired pincher, 3 years old, struck by an acute Parvovirus infection.
Her mistress: Mrs R from Wissembourg is a tall, thin, dry lady, always serious, who rebuffs her husband, when he answers in her place. Obviously, she is ‘wearing the pants’ in the household. She is wrapped up very warmly in black. In the waiting room, she straightens a mount of drinking glasses, which are slightly askew. Her answers are precise and detailed. In brief, she plays a caricature of the remedy Arsenicum album.
The problem: Choupette’s Parvovirus
This is a very contagious illness due to a very resistant virus that causes in dogs a haemorrhagic gastro- enteritis with cardiac affection, atrophy of intestinal villi and most of the time a dehydration due to vomiting and diarrhoea. The condition is often fatal, the convalescence long and difficult.
Choupette’s anamnesis
The bitch vomits and has bloody diarrhoea. Very weary and exhausted, she doesn’t drink or eat any more. She suddenly looks very old because of a beginning dehydration. She presents with hypothermia (36,5o C; normally: 38,5o C). When I look in her eyes, she launches at my face and tries to bite my nose. Her stools have a cadaverous odour.
I have a Hering’s tripod (three symptoms standing out prominently as uncommon, rare and peculiar, ed.):
• Looked at, cannot bear to be • Fever: Hypothermia
• Stool, odour, cadaverous
Treatment: Arsenicum album 30 CH 4 times a day 3 granules.
Possible repertorisation for the guardian:
• Mind, dictatorial
• Earnestness
• Rest cannot, when things are not in proper place • Generalities; Cold aggravates
Choupette, after three doses: no more vomiting or diarrhoea, she is restored to health within 48 hours without i.v. infusion!
The guardian? My friend, her homeopathic doctor, in Wissembourg confirms my remedy diagnosis.
 The case
October in Freudenstadt (Germany), during a consultation given for homeopathic students, we see a 6 months old corn snake (Pantherophis guttatus), really thin and dehydrated. For 3 months she has been vomiting immediately after every meal of a young mouse and has not moulted her skin.
Anamnesis (given by the gaurdian)
Continuously moving, the corn-snake is very aggressive, bites the young mice several times when fed and even her guardian without any reason. She doesn’t like to be held. Immediately after eating she vomits the young mice, coated with foul-smelling mucous. She rejects the male (a calm and friendly two year old adult). Her stools have a cadaverous smell.
Used symptoms
• Mind, touched aversion to be
• Stomach; vomiting food, eating after
• Stool, odour cadaverous
• Mind, company aversion to, agg
• Mind; Irritability
The guardian
The woman is neat, clean and wears black clothes. She has a sharp elocution, speaks in short neat sentences. Meticulously she answers in precise details and emits a cold aura. Shortly: here we have again a picture of Arsenicum.
March the year after: Lady-Belle has quietened down, stays near her guardian, has recovered her appetite, digests her preys normally and has begun to catch up on her growth retardation. One year later, things are nearly normalised.
My conclusion
In Homeopathy the cooperation between human doctors and veterinaries exists already for our own training in schools, writings and congresses. This should be explored more in our daily clinics to the greatest benefit of our patients.

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