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Dear Students;

                                                                                   We can express higher education as a significant period that will lead your life and

                                                                            beginning of your career. We are working with all our best with a great devotion, to guide,
                                                                            educate and develop our students, who will build the future.
                                                                                   The acquisition of leadership, cooperation, creativity, digital literacy, effective
                                                                            competition, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship, groupwork and problem solving
                                                                            skills are important as much as information gained today. In this context, we aim to be a

                                                                            Student  Friendly  Island  with  the  projects  we  carry  out  as  the  Ministry  of  National
                                                                            Education, to our students studying in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus; our efforts
                                                                            continue at full speed to provide a teaching environment where you can prove yourself in

                                                                            the international arena, contribute to universal values and continuously improve yourself.
          With the responsibility of providing leading and exemplary higher education activities both in our country and in the world, our aim is to always serve our country
          at the highest level.
                  We are walking side by side with our students with firm steps towards becoming a preferred country both in our country and in the world with the free, safe,
          quality and qualified education environments we provide. As the Ministry of National Education, we offer many opportunities to our students with 22 universities

          located in our country with social, cultural, sportive and artistic activities, aiming to raise individuals who can reach and use universal knowledge, who are
          dynamic, sensitive to the problems of the country, and who protect artistic, cultural and historical values as the information age requires today.
                  Our motivation is your energy and hope. With the strength we get from you, we become more hopeful for our future and keep working for you. I hereby

          would like to thank to our Higher Education and Foreign Affairs Department staff for their contribution to the preparation of this work. We want you to know that
          after your higher education period in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, you will be able to compete with the youth of the world, fulfill your social
          responsibilities and you will be in a position to have a say in the future of your country.
                  Dear students; I wish you all success in your education life and then in your professional life.

                                                                                                                            Nazım ÇAVUŞOĞLU
                                                                                                                         Minister of National Education

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