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Global Leaders and Influencers in Legal Business

Academic Bar Assoc. Law Firm Corporate Publication Legal Consultant Network Technology Legal Practice
Acad Bar LF Counsel Pub Operations Consul Executive Tech Outsourcing

CC Ops Netw LPO

First Name Last Name Organization & Position Org. Interests Region

Ramón Abadin Partner Sedgwick Law, Managing Partner LF NA
David Ackert President Ackert Inc. Consul NA
Kate Adams SVP and General Counsel Honeywell CC
Howard Adams International Inc. NA
Partner – Australia E&Y

Andrew Adkins Social Evidence, LLC Consul

Ilan Admon Founder Legal Geex Consul NA

Rochael Adranly General Counsel & Legal Design Lead, IDEO CC NA
Giancarlo Agace EU
Mark Agrast Consultant TELFA Trans European Law Firms Netw NA
Alliance LF
Executive Director American Society of Bar NA
International Law NA
Hans Albers Chief of Staff/Head of Legal Operations, Juniper Dir ACC EU
Nathan Alder Networks International BV

Partner Christensen & Jensen in Salt Lake City LF

Sarah-Jayne Aldridge Head of Procurement Ops
Prudential Financial Services LPO
Phil Algieri
VP, Quislex

Marc Allen Director, HBR Consulting Consul NA
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