Page 14 - A&E Rules revised 11-14-22
P. 14

Private boat launches are not permitted.

               445 - TRAILERS
               A site location HLPOA compliance form will not be issued to any structure that is similar to a trailer.
               1.  Any structure of a temporary character
               2.  Mobile home
               3.  Other dwelling unit so designed to be moved by any means from one site to another and to be used with or
                    without a permanent foundation
               4.  Any structure sold with a title
               5.  Any dwelling whose structural integrity depends upon a transportation device.
               6.  Modular type construction homes that meet all A&E committee guidelines will be carefully considered.  They must
                    meet the Section 201 guideline and be consistent in material and design to that of the community in general.  See
                    sections 207 – 246.

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