Page 14 - Florida Sentinel 2-19-21
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 Black American Inventions
  30 Reasons To Thank A Black Person
 Plenty would not exist were it not for black pioneers; here’s a very small glimpse at what modern day inventions came from the African American community.
 Automatic Gear Shift
Richard Spikes – Driving up a steep hill got a whole lot easier in 1932, thanks to this guy.
  America’s First Clock
Benjamin Banneker – He was a farmer, math- ematician, astronomer, land surveyor, and the subject of a Stevie Wonder song.
  Automatic Elevator Doors
Alexander Miles – We’ve all gotten the elevator door hug and we all owe this man.
John Pickering – His was the first blimp to have an electric motor and directional controls. Goodyear better have this man’s picture in their lobby.
  Blood Bank
Dr. Charles Drew – For his in- vention of a method of separating and storing plasma, al- lowing it to be dehy- drated and banked for later use, Dr. Drew was the first black person awarded a doctorate at Columbia Univer- sity.
  Clothes Dryer
George T. Sampson – Giving laundry baskets a greater sense of purpose since 1892.
  Dust Pan
Lloyd P. Ray – Mr. Ray patented the reason we have far fewer backaches.
  Electric Lamp
Lewis Latimer – He also invented the carbon fil- ament inside light bulbs.
  Folding Chair
John Purdy – With patent partner James R. Sadgwar, Purdy made taking a chair with you purdy easy. Get it?
   Gas Heating Furnace
Alice H. Parker – For- ever changing the way we stay warm in the winter.

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