Page 15 - Florida Sentinel 2-19-21
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 Black American Inventions
  Gas Mask
Golf Tee
  Home Security System
  Marie Van Brittan Brown – And television has been part of home security ever since.
  Garret Morgan – It all started when this guy rescued trapped miners wearing a hood to protect his eyes from smoke and had tubes leading to the floor to draw clean air.
Ice Cream Scooper
Alfred L. Cralle – You’ve been screaming, I’ve been scream- ing, we’ve all been screaming for this since 1897.
Dr. George Grant – They say he was an avid golfer, but not a great one. Hopefully his patent im- proved his game.
Ironing Board
Sarah Boone – The reason we no longer iron across a piece of wood balanced on two chairs.
  Lawn Mower
John Al- bert Burr – The lawn- mower’s best makeover ever brought better traction, rotary blades, and al- lowed cutting closer to build- ings.
     17. Lawn Sprinkler
Joseph A. Smith – We should honor this man for helping with Father’s Day ideas every year.
18. Mail Box
Phillip Downing – Be- fore this invention, people had to make a long trip to the Post Office to mail a letter.
19. Modern Lock
Washington Martin – His patent was an improve- ment on the 4,000-year-old Chinese bolt.
20. Modern Toilet
Thomas Elkins – He in- fluenced several major patents, but it’s this one we appreciate most (not to knock the multi-purpose table or re- frigerators for dead bodies).
21. Mop
Thomas W. Stewart – He’s kept us off our hands and knees since 1893.
22. Pacemaker
Otis Boykin – On top of this lifesaving invention, he was born in Dallas, Texas. Double. Greatness.
24. Potato Chips
George Crum – You have to love that his last name is Crum.
 23. Portable Pencil
Dr. Shirley Ann Jack- son – And that’s not the only way Dr. Jackson made our telecommunications lives eas- ier Along with being the first African American woman to earn a PhD from MIT, she gave us the portable fax ma- chine, caller ID, call waiting, and the fiber-optic cable.
30. Traffic Light
Garrett Morgan – Three cheers for the red, green and yellow. Mostly for the green!
John Lee Love – A car- penter clever with names for his inventions, calling this one the ‘Love Sharpener.’
25. Reversible
Baby Stroller
William Richardson – He’s also the reason wheels move separately. We feel cer- tain there are fewer crying ba- bies in the world because of this man.
26. Super Soaker
Lonnie G. Johnson – Being a NASA engineer is im- pressive, but we love him for inventing the Super Soaker!
27. Suspenders
28. Thermostat & Temperature Control
Frederick Jones – His refrigeration equipment made it possible to transport blood and food during World War II.
29. Touch-Tone

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