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  Book Offers Encouragement For Widows, Others
 Death is something we can’t avoid. Death changes families forever.
Marjorie Lynn Bow- den knows the pain of grief all too well. In 2016, her hus- band, Dedrick, left for work and never returned home. Her life was turned upside down and she didn’t know what to do. This was the closest person to her to pass away and it was a whole new world of emptiness. She knew she had to pull strength from every place she could in order to survive and her faith in God was the key.
In less than two years later, her dear mother, Odessa Roberts, transi- tioned suddenly.
In Marjorie’s personal journey, she found hope through everyday activity as
 she focused on her spiritual, mental, and physical well- being. She shares the em- powerment of embracing grief, reigniting hope and liv- ing life to the fullest for any- one experiencing grief – especially widows.
Her book, Reaching The Rainbow Through The Storms, is available at m or
Her website has resources and a blog subscription for daily inspiration as she con- tinues her commitment to help others through life’s struggles, “because there is a rainbow at the end of all of our storms,” she says.
Marjorie, who many know as Lynn, was born and raised in Progress Village. Her parents are Charles and the late Odessa Roberts.
She grew up in First Baptist Church of Progress Village and is an honor graduate of Tampa Bay Tech High School and Hillsborough Commu- nity College. She continued her education, earning a B. S. degree in Business Adminis- tration, a Master's in Public Administration and Doctor- ate of Biblical Studies. She is a certified Biblical Counselor.
Marjorie is 35 years old, retired DoD civil servant, and has continued learning with training to teach English as a foreign language, and to serve as a death doula. She and her oldest grandaughter are founders of a nonprofit or- ganization, Alpha Love 2 Life.
She is the widow of Dedrick Bowden and mother of three sons and five grandchildren.

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