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 in the phone directory or through churches, newspapers, hospitals, local health and social service agencies, the Chamber of Commerce or your local funeral home. You can learn and grow in common, yet different experiences. You do not have to travel this journey alone. Life can have meaning again.
What purpose does a funeral serve?
It provides the family and friends with a caring and supportive environment in which to share thoughts and feelings about the death. The funeral becomes the first important step in the healing process.
What do funeral directors do?
They are the pillars that support the survivors during one of their most difficult journeys through life. They care for the family and safeguard and care for the deceased person. They fulfill the wishes of the family by guiding them through and fulfilling the funeral arrangements. The funeral director is trained in embalming and restorative procedures required
by a funeral home, for traditional open casket viewing by family and friends. They arrange and provide an orderly series of events, culminating with the final disposition of burial, entombment or cremation. The funeral director’s responsibility of properly filing the death certificate in order to receive permission for final disposition is the first step which allows the family to begin the process of settling estate matters. The director will advise the family as to the number of certified death certificates needed to begin the process, as well as advising them on potential issues to be addressed shortly after the final disposition. A growing number of funeral directors are trained as grief counselors and continue even after the funeral to help along in the bereavement process.
Who can make funeral arrangements?
In most cases it is the closest next of kin making the arrangements. On other occasions, the executor or executrix of a will is responsible. An agent having been appointed by the deceased will supersede all others and make the funeral arrangements.

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