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 The agent, having been instructed by the deceased, in the form of a legal document signed by the deceased and witnessed in accordance with Public Health Laws, will fulfill the wishes and will coordinate with the funeral director the arrangements set forth in the document. The person signing the contract becomes responsible for the payment of the funeral services performed.
What should I be prepared to provide when going to the funeral home to make arrangements?
When making at-need or pre-need arrangements, the family will need to provide information required for the death certificate. This information, referred to as vital statistics consists of the following:
• Deceased’s legal name
• Legal address
• Social security number
• Both parents’ names (including
mother’s maiden name)
• Date of birth
• Place of birth
• Level of education
• If served in the military: years of
service and a copy of the discharge
papers DD214
• Employment history, position held,
nature of industry and place of
• If in ground burial or entombment,
the cemetery and the deed if
• If open casket viewing is anticipated,
clothing and a recent picture
What should I do when a death occurs?
Whether sudden or anticipated, call your funeral home of choice. A funeral director is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. They will guide according to your individual situation.
Can your funeral home conduct a funeral service in another location?
Yes. Many funeral homes will allow another funeral director access to their facilities for the convenience of serving the family.
What if a death occurs in another state/ town?
Upon notification of the death, call your local funeral home of choice. Your funeral director will be able to make the

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