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Jewish Funeral Service Terms Tahara - The traditional preparation
The traditional washing and dressing of the deceased with dignity. Performed by trained members of the Chevra Kadisha (Sacred Society). Men prepare men while women prepare women in accordance with Jewish traditional law. Embalming, cosmetizing or any other artificial preparation of the remains is not permitted by Jewish Law.
Shmira - The watching of the remains
To show respect to the departed, never leaving the deceased alone until after the burial.
Psalms are traditionally recited by the Shomer (Watcher).
Shivah - The mourning period
Seven day mourning period that begins immediately after burial and takes place at the next
of kin’s home.
Mitzvah - The good deed.
The burial of a loved one is considered the “Greatest Mitzvah”. It is the act of placing one at rest with honor doing so obviously knowing they can never pay you back.

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