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The Christian Shrines
of Kosovo and Metohija
from the 13th to the 20th century a shortened list
Sites in alphabetic order
AJKOBILA (in the Middle age Proždrikobila, Priština): de- molished church in the vicinity of the present-day mosque. AJNOVCE (in the Middle ages Hainovci, K. Kamenica): 1. ruins of the Tamnica monastery with the church built and frescoed in the 14th c. on the foundations of an older Byzan- tine basilica; 2. remnants of a church in the old cemetery on the site called Ravan.
ALAGINA RIJEKA (Peć): 1. ruins of a Serbian church on Crkveno Brdo (Church Hill); 2. remnants of a church near the place called izvorski Laz.
ARILJAČA (in the Middle ages arhidijača, Priština): ancient ruins of a church and an old Serbian graveyard.
BABALOĆ (in the Middle ages Babe, Dečane): according to legend, a mosque was erected on the site of an old church. BABLJAK (Uroševac): old church (restored in 1966, dedi- cated to the Holy Trinity); a Serbian priest mentioned in the census of 1455.
BAČKA (Dragaš): church of St. Barbara formerly occupied the site called Vakuf.
BADOVAC (Priština): 1. remnants of an old church on the site called Crkvine (i.e. ruins of a church); 2. ruins of a former church above the Belograb site; 3. ruins of the monastery of Vojsilovica (14th c.) at androvački Breg—its stone remains were used for the building of the Catholic church of St. Nich- olas in janjevo, the Turkish mill on the Gračanka river and dwellings of the albanians from nearby villages; 4. an old church, above the cemetery, on the site called Krstac. BAJČINA (in the Middle ages Bajčino Podujevo): a Serbian church existed (village priest mentioned in the census of 1455). BAJGORA (formerly Bela Gora, K. Mitrovica): remnants of a church on the site called Bačka.
BAKS (Srbica): microtoponyms “Crkva” (Church) and “Crk- veni Do” (Church Valley) indicate that a church once existed in the village.
BALABANE (Priština): ruins of an ancient church next to the old graveyard on the site called Crkvena Livada (Church Meadow).
BALANCE (Vitina): 1. remnants of the church of St. Helen in the village; 2. ruins of the monastery of St. elijah, above the village.
    Ajnovce, Tamnica Monastery, 14th century
 Ajnovce, Saint Nicholas Church, 14th century

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