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    Asceterion of Belaje, above the Dečani Monastery, Church of the Mother of God, detail, 14th century
BELASICA, VRHLAB (Podujevo): according to folk legend in the village and its surroundings there were seven sites with the ruins of former churches.
BELEG (Dečane): in the previous century, the ruins of a Ser- bian church and old graveyard still existed in the village. BELICA (istok): 1. Lazarica church, formerly venerating St. George (probably from the 14th c. repeatedly restored in the 16th, 17th and 18th c.); old and new graveyards are situated next to it; 2. remnants of a church.
BELINCE (Uroševac): remnants of a church on the site called Kisha (Crkva – Church).
BELO BRDO (Leposavić): uninvestigated ruins of a former church and remnants of a medieval mine.
BELOGRACE (in the Middle ages Belogradice, Kačanik): ruins of a former church with a graveyard used to exist once. BELO POLJE (istok): remnants of a church, dedicated ac- cording to legend, to the Holy Savior, and of an old graveyard on the site called Crkvenjak (Verger).
BELO POLJE (Peć): the census of 1455 makes mention of two priests and a monk in the village. Today exist: 1. church of the Presentation of the Mother of God (19th c.) erected on the foundations of an ancient church, surrounded by an old grave- yard; 2. remnants of a church on the hill called Krst (Cross); 3. the cave called Careva Stolica, or Razboj (the emperor’s Stool or the Loom) (according to legend, used to be a hermitage). BELO POLJE (Podujevo): a church existed in the 15th c. BELUĆE (Leposavić): ruins of an old church and an old grave- yard.
Belo Polje near Peć, Church of the Presentation of
the Mother of God, 16th century, reconstructed
in the 19th century
Belo Polje near Peć, Church of the Presentation of the Mother of God,
16th century (burned
by albanian extremists after june 1999)
Berivojce, Saint John Church, 16th century
Belica, Saint Lazarus Church, 16th century
BENČUK (in the Middle ages Benčuj, Vučitrn): remnants of the church and dormitory called Dušan’s church.
BEREVCE (Uroševac): 1. church of St. Paraskeve with a bell- tower (mentioned in a note from 1353); 2. ruins of the church of St. Demetrius on the site called Crkvica (Small Church). BERIVOJCE (Kriva Reka near Novo Brdo): church of Glo- barica, dedicated to St. john with frescos from the 16th–17th c. (village priest mentioned in the census of 1455). BERKOVAC or BERKOVICA: unascertained village (men- tioned in the 15 c. in the Lapska nachye) somewhere in the en- virons of Podujevo, with the church of St. Vasil” (Basil). BERKOVO (Klina): church of the Holy archangels formerly situated on the site called Crkvište (i.e ruins of a church), de- molished by the Turks; above Crkvište an old Serbian grave- yard survives.

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