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The Christian Shrines of Kosovo and Metohija from the 13th to the 20th century
   Devič, frescos, 16th century
Devič, The Church of the Presentation of the Mother of God with the tomb of St. Joanikije of Devič
DOBRUŠTA (Prizren): monastic church of St. Nicholas, re- stored around 1332 by King Dušan (there are several locations near the village on which it might have stood).
DOJNICE, DOJINICE (in the Middle ages Doenci, Priz- ren): over the ruins of the church of the Mother of God of the Passion a new church was erected in 1940.
DOLAC (Klina): the Turkish census of 1,455 makes mention of two village priests and a monastery with three monks near the village, today exist: 1. church of the Presentation of the Mother of God, formerly in the monastic range (remnants of two expansive wars), with frescos dating from the 14th c. and from 1620; 2. traces of a church in one of three old graveyards. DOLJ (Djakovica): a church existed on the site called Doljska Crkva (Doljska Church).
Dolac, Presentation of the Mother of God Church, 16th century
Dolac, fresco of the Mother of God, 16th century
DOLJAK (Vučitrn): old graveyard; microtoponym “Crkvina” (ruins of a church) testisfies to the existence of a church. DOMANEK (in the Middle ages Domaneg, Mališevo): in the mid-19th c., the remnants of an old church, were noted; as early as the 14th c. the church of St. elias existed in the village or its environs.
DOMOROVCE (izmornik): ruins of a large monastery on the hill of Popovac and three very old graveyards in the village and near the Končuljska gorge.
DONJA BITINJA (Uroševac): 1. church of St. Theodore with 16th-century frescos; 2. church of St. Demetrius, the 16th c. DONJA DUBNICA (Vučitrn): an old church formedy exist- ed (village priest mentioned as early as 1455), probably some- where around today’s Crkveni Do (Church Valley).

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