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Milan ivanović and Dragan jovanović
  Donja Bitinja, Church of Saint Theodore Tyro, 16th century
Donja Bitinja, Church of
Saint Theodore Tyro, 16th century
DONJI OBILIĆ (Srbica): microtoponyms “Crkva” (Church) and “Crkvena Glava” (Church Head).
DONJI SIBOVAC (Podujevo): a church existed once (the census of 1,455 mentions a village priest).
DONJI STRMAC (Srbica): remnants of an old church on the site called Crkvina (ruins of a church).
DONJE RAMNJANE (Vitina): ruins of an old church regis- tered at the start of the 19th c.
DRAGANAC (Gnjilane): monastery with the church of the archangel Gabriel erected in the 19th c. over the ruins of an old church.
DRAGAŠ: remnants of an old churh and a graveyard on the site called Čukare.
DRAGOBILJE (Mališevo): church of the Mother of God men- tioned in a 14th century written source.
DRAGOBRATA: unascertained village in the sanjak of Vuči- trn; a monk mentioned in the 15th c., and the church of St. john in the 16th c.
DRAGOLJEVAC (istok): remnants of two churches (in the Petkovica field and on the site called Crkvine (ruins of a church) and an old Serbian graveyard; as early as the 14th c., the so- called Krstovo Crkvište (i.e. ruins of the Church of the Cross) stood near the village.
DRAGOVAC (Priština) old graveyard.
DRAINOVIĆE (K. Mitrovica): ruins of an ancient church with an old graveyard.
DRAJČIĆI (Prizren): church of St. Nicholas (the end of the 16th c.), with frescos and icons from the 16th–17th c. DRAJKOVCE (Uroševac): church of the 40 martyrs of Se- basteia from the 16th c. (restored).
DRAMNJAK (in the Middle ages Drobnjak, Uroševac): an old church occupied the site called Crkvene jaruge (Church Gullies).
DREN (Leposavić): remnants of a church.
DRENOVAC (Klina): remnants of the church of St. Nicholas registered in the 19th c.; at present, there is an old graveyard. DRENOVAC (Orahovac): worship stone above the village (in all probability, remnant of the old church of St. Panteleimon). DRENOVČIĆ (Klina): a church formerly existed on the hill above the village, on the site called Crkvište (ruins of a church); at present, two cemeteries are located near the village.
Draganac Monastery, 19th century
DONJA DUBNICA (Podujevo): a church existed in the 15th c. DONJA FUŠTICA (Glogovac): ruins of a medieval church (14th and 16th c.), near the site called Crkva (Church). DONJA GADIMLJA (Lipljan): microtoponym “Crkva jor- govanova” (jorgovan’s Church).
DONJA GUŠTERICA (Lipljan): church of the Holy Prince Lazar erected at the outset of the 20th c., on the site of the old church of the Beheading of St. john the Baptist.
DONJA KLINA (Srbica): as early as 1455, the village had a priest; today the microtoponym “Crkva” (Church) exists. DONJA LAPAŠTICA (Podujevo): the village had a church in the 15th c. its site is probably indicated by the present-day microtoponym “Crkva” (Church).
DONJA RAKOVICA: an unascertained village in the sanjak of Vučitrn and the Lapska nachye (the Turkish census of 1455 makes mention of the church of St. Nicholas near the village). DONJA SUDIMLJA (Vučitrn): old cemetery.
DONJE DOBREVO (in the Middle ages Dobrijevo, Prišti- na): at the time of the immigration of the albanians in the 18th c., a Serbian church stood on the site called Crkva (Church). DONJE GODANCE (Uroševac): village church constructed after World War i.
DONJE ISEVO (Leposavić): ruins of an old church and an old graveyard.
DONJE KORMINJANE (izmornik): church with 19th-cen- tury frescos.
DONJE LJUPČE (Podujevo): a church existed in the 15th c. (the census of 1455 refers to two village priests), and a monas- tery was situated in the neighbourhood.
DONJE NERODIMLJE (Uroševac): according to the Turk- ish census of 1455, the village had two Serbian priests. at pres- ent, there are: 1. remnants of the church of St. Stephen; 2. re- stored church of the Mother of God on the Glavica hill; 3. church of St. Nicholas, erected on the foundations of sm old church.
DONJE ŽABARE (K. Mitrovica): locality called “Crkva” (Church).
DONJI JASENOVIK (in Kolašin upon the ibar): remnants of churches on the hill of janjevac and in the location called Staro Groblje (Old Graveyard).
DONJI LIVOČ (Gnjilane): ruins of a church at the top called llijina Glava.
DONJI MAKREŠ (Gnjilane): traces of an old settlement and the foundations of a Serbian church on the site called Selište; two old graveyards on the sites of Rudna Padina and Ljudje.

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