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    Icon of Sts Peter and Paul from Saint Nicholas Church in Čabići (Klina). The church was mined and completely destroyed in 1999 by the albanian extremists.
KOPORIĆE (Leposavić): the village had churches as early as the 14th c., nowadays their remains are found on the hill called Mali Krst (Small Cross) and in the hamlet of Zavrata (Modri Mel) an old graveyard stands on the site called Dub and the ruins of an ancient town are on the hill of Stražnik; remnants of an old mining settlement have also survived. KOPRIVNICA (Kriva Reka near Novo Brdo): a village church existed in the 15th c.; the remnants of an old church and aban- doned graveyard stand near the hill of Sitak, while the ruins of an old fortress are on the hill.
KORBULIĆ (Kačanik): an old church was situated in the wood, on the site called Crkva (Church), and an old graveyard on the site called Ključ.
KORENICA (Djakovica): old ruins, probably of a church. KORETIN (Kriva Reka near Novo Brdo): a Slavic archaeo- logical site (9th–11th c.).
KORETIŠTE, KURETIŠTE (Gnjilane): remnants of the church of the Mother of God, in the pan of the village called Seliste (remains of a village); an old graveyard (Kane’s grave- yard) located near the village, and an abandoned medieval mine situated on the Glam hill.
KORIŠA (Prizren): 1. remnants of the church of St. Peter erected before 1343 (with the fragments of 14th-century fres- cos); restored several times, for it was demolished in 1885 (the mosque in Koriša built with its stone remains), then in 1915– 1918 and in 1941; 2. remnants of the church of St. Nicholas on the slopes of Gradište (demolished fortress) 3. ruins of the church of St. George (14th c.) with the fragments of frescos, in the village graveyard; 3. church of the intercession of the Moth-
Koriša, remnants of Saint George Church at Serbian cemetery, 14th century
Koriša, remnants
of Church of Saint Nicholas, 14th century
Saint Mark of Koriša: the grave of Sima Andrejević Igumanov, desecrated and vandalized on the centennial of his death, 1982 (on the wall,
by the grave, are inscribed the words “Kosovo Republic”)
Monastery of Saint Mark of Koriša, 15th century

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