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KRAVASARIJA, KRAVOSERIJA (Mališevo): ruins of a church upon which a primary school building was erected after 1945. KREMENATA (Kriva Reka near Novo Brdo): remnants of an old church and graveyard on the site of a former settlement (not far from the present-day Serbian cemetery); the rem- nants of the medieval mine of Celovi are located in the vicin- ity of the village.
KRILJEVO (Kriva Reka near Novo Brdo): ruins of an old church on the site called Crkva (Church).
KRNJINA (istok): old graveyard, formerly with a church, on the hill above the village the localities “Kod Crkve” (By the Church) and “Crkvište” (i.e. ruins of a church) exist in the vil- lage.
KRNJINCE (Klina): church of St. George, with a graveyard demolished in the second half of the 19th c.
KRPIMEJ (Podujevo): 1. church of St. Peter and Paul on the Kraljevica hill, erected upon the foundations of an older, ac- cording to tradition medieval, religious building; 2. remnants of medieval walls unearthed in the village, probably belonging to an ecclesiastical sttucture.
KRSTAC (Dragaš): 1. ruins of the church of St. Panteleimon, on the Pantelevac hill in Veliki Krstac; 2. remnants of a church on the Djula hill; 3. remnants of a former church and an old graveyard in Mali Krstac, on the site called Rudina. KRUŠEVAC (Srbica): in the 13th c., the churches of St. Bar- tholomew and St. elijah were situated near the village (unas- certained).
KRUŠEVICA (Podujevo): a 15th-century written source indi- cates that a monastery may have existed in the village or its surroumdings.
KUĆICA (Srbica): the mid-19th century recorded the ruins of two churches today a microtoponym survives indicating that a graveyard also existed once.
KUKULJANE, KUKOLJANE (Dragaš): microtoponym “Crk- va” (Church) survives.
KUTNJE (Leposavić): ruins of the Kutna church, on the hill by the ibar river.
KUZMIKAN, KUZMIČANI, KOZMEKAN: an unscenained monastery in “the nachye of Peć” (mentioned in the Turkish censuses from the 15th c. and the 16th c.).
KUZMIN (in the Middle ages Kuzmino, Priština): ruins of an old church and an old graveyard.
KRVENIK (in the Middle ages Pokrivenik, Kačanik): ruins of the so-called Staro Selo with the remains of a church (the village burned down by the Turks in 1690).
LABLJANE (Peć): nor far from the village stands the ancient oak-tree next to which the Patriarch arsenije iii gathered the Serbs who escaped from the Turks in 1690 and started the Great Migration to the north. an old graveyard, and perhaps the old ruins of a former church was situated next to the oak. LABLJANE (Priština): old cemetery.
LABUČEVO (Orahovac): anachoretic cave-dwellings the so called Uljarice north east of the village, in the ravine above the cascades of the Mirusa river; 1. the large rock-cut church from the 14th c. restored in the 16th c., with the fragments of medi- eval ceramics, glass and frescos; 2. small rock cut dwelling (the remnants of frescos completely destroyed by albanian shepherds).
LAJČIĆ, LEJAČIĆ (in the Middle ages Leočić, Kriva Reka near Novo Brdo): ruins of an old church and an old graveyard formerly existed.
LANDOVICA (in the Middle ages Lutovica, Prizren): the 19th c. recorded the remnants of the church of St. Catherine and an old graveyard in Nemišlje.
LAPLJE SELO (in the Middle ages Ljapov, Priština): church of St. Paraskeve, recently erected upon the remnants of an older church (village priests mentioned as early as the 15th c.). LAUŠA (in the Middle ages Loviša, Srbica): 1. medieval mon- astery of Devič, restored several times, with the complex of churches dedicated to the Presentation of the Mother of God, St. joanikius and St. George. in 1941 destroyed by the alba- nian nationalists. The monastery reconstruction, in whose ruins frescos from the 15th, 16th and 19th c. were umcovered, commenced in 1950; 2. hemmitage of St. joanikius of Devič, on the hill north of the monastery, demolished in 1941; 3. me- dieval cemetery called Groblje Srba (Graveyard of the Serbs), in the village.
LEOČINA (in the Middle ages Lel’cino, Srbica): 1. church of St. john from the 14th c. completely reconstructed in the 16th c., widh the remains of frescos (16th c.): next to it stretches a large graveyard with stone crosses from the 17th, 18th and the 19th c.; 2. remnants of the so-called Kaludjerska (Monks’) church (of the Transfiguration) (14th c.).
LEPINA (Lipljan): church existed in the 15th c. old ruins of a church and an old graveyard survive.
LEPOSAVIĆ: 1. remnants of the church of the Dormition of the Mother of God, by the graveyard; 2. remnants of the church dedicated to the Palm Sunday, in the part of the settlement called Ulije; 3. church of the Crucifixion, constructed in 1935 on the foundations of an older church, on the Gradac hill. LESKOVAC (in the Middle ages Leskovec, Klina): an old church existed (the traces of which have perished) LESKOVČIĆ (Priština): old graveyard.
LESKOVEC (Prizren): the site formerly occupied by an old graveyard.
LEŠAK (in the Middle ages Lješak, Leposavić): 1. church of the Dormition of the Mother of God, erected in recent times on the foundations of an older church; 2. “Borjani” church in the hamlet of Kamen; 3. old graveyard in the hamlet of Vrujci, on the Okruglica hill; 4. drinking foumtain called Sulender in the hamlet of Vrujci earthen pipes brought water to it even in the Middle ages.
LEŠANE (Suva Reka): remnants of the church dedicated to St. Kyriake.
LEŠNICA (Podujevo): a church existed (a village priest men- tioned as early as the 15th c.).
LEŠTANE (Dragaš): in 1861, the ruins of a church were re- corded to have existed in the village.
LEŠTAR, LJEŠTAR (in the Middle ages Lestije, Kriva Reka near Novo Brdo): remnants of two demolished churches—on the site called Manastir (Monastery) and the present-day cemetary.
LETNICA (Vitina): new church of the Mother of God erect- ed in 1934 on the foundations of the Catholic church from 1584 (restored in the 19th c.), treasuring two wooden statues from the 16th–17th c.
The Christian Shrines of Kosovo and Metohija from the 13th to the 20th century

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