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Milan ivanović and Dragan jovanović
  Leočina, a tombstone at old Serbian Cemetery, by Church of Saint John, 18th century
Leočina, Church of Saint John, east side, 16th century
LIPLJAN: 1. church of the Presentation of the Mother of God from the 14th c. (reconstructed and expanded in the 16th c.) with frescos from the 14th and 16th–17th c. beneath the church foundations, the remnants of two Florus basilicas have been uncovered; 2. church of Sts. Florus and Laurus, recently con- structed.
LIPOVAC (Djakovica): a church probably existed on the site called Crkvena Stena (Church Rock), above the village. LIPOVCI (Gnjilane): ruins of the old church of St. Paraskeve and an old graveyard, in the village; the remnants of an older settlement near the village.
LIPOVICA (K. Mitrovica): the remnants of an old, small church and an old cemetery.
LIPOVICA (in the Middle ages Lipovci, Lipljan): a church formerly existed (suggested by a reference to a village priest in a 15th-century source and a microtoponym).
LISICA (K. Mitrovica): locality called “Staro Gorblje” (Old Graveyard) and the ruins of an old church.
LISOCKA (Kriva Reka near Novo Brdo): traces of an old cem- etery, on the site called jovanovo Groblje (jovan’s graveyard); the ruins of an old Serbian church are situated next to it. LIVADJE (in the Middle ages Livadije, Lipljan): church of St. Gregory the Theologian erected in 1935 on the site of an old graveyard church, demolished to the order of the Turks. LIZICA (Peć): according to historical sources, in this place (unascertained) the archbishop Nikodim (1317–1324) con- structed the church of St. Sava, adorned by his successor Danilo ii.
LOĆANE (Dečane): remnants of a church existed until the end of the 19th c. an old cemetery and a village log-cabin (one of the oldest in Serbia) have survived.
Ljubižda, Church of Saint Nicholas, 16th century
LOKVICE (Prizren): 1. ruins of the church of the Holy arch- angels (14th c.); 2. ruins of the church of St. john or St. George (16th c.); 3. church of St. elijah, erected in 1866 on the founda- tions of an older church; 4. old cemetery.
LOVAC (in the Middle ages Lovac Potok K. Mitrovica): old graveyard with the ruins of a former church.
LOVCE (Gnjilane): two demolished churches used to exist; at present, there is only the locality called Crkveno Brdo (Church Hill).
LUČKA RIJEKA (in Kolašin upon the ibar): 1. church from more recent times built upon the foundations of an older reli- gous building; 2. ruins of an old, small-sized church, in Prije- selo, in the old graveyard; 3. old graveyard in Prljevo.
  Lipljan, Church of the Presentation of the Holy Mother of God, 14th century. Behind: the New Church, 20th century.
Church of the Presentation of the Mother of God, St. Blasius, detail, 14th century

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