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charter from 1327; 2. ruins of the church of the Presentation of the Mother of God, in the village; 3. ruins of the church of St. john, in the monastic vineyard.
ZOJIĆ (Prizren): old graveyard.
ZRZE, ZERZEVO (Dragaš): in the 19th c., the remains of an old graveyard still existed.
ZRZE (in the Middle ages Zerzevo, Orahovac): a graveyard next to the hamlet of Orlović; the church of St. Prokopius ex- isted in the 14th c.
ZUPČE (in Kolašin upon the ibar): old walls in Zubačka Ri- jeka; a graveyard and a church (restored in 1938) situated in their vicinity.
ZVEČAN (K. Mitrovica): 1. the medieval fortress of Zvečan with the remains of the church of St. George; 2. church of St. Demetrius (mentioned as early as 1315) situated beneath Mali Zvečan, on the site where the Serbian, and subsequently Ot- toman, cemetery used to stand until the 19th c.
ŽABELJ (Djakovica): ruins of a church and an old graveyard existed in the 19th c.
ŽAČ (istok): a new graveyard church, on the site called Krug- lice, erected on the ruins of an older church (according to folk tradition, demolished hy the Turks).
ŽAKOVO (istok): 1. remains of the church of the Mother of God amolyntos above the Vakav wood; 2. foundations of a church on the site called Crkvište (ruins of a church), in the village; 3. an old graveyard on the Glavača hill.
ŽAŽA (K. Mitrovica): locality “Kod Crkve” (By the Church). ŽDRELO (Djakovica): the ruins of a church and a graveyard existed in the mid-19th c.
ŽEGRA (Gnjilane): remains of two demolished churches and an abandoned graveyard; a new village church erected in the recent time.
ŽEROVNICA (K. Mitrovica): ruins of a former church and an old graveyard.
ŽILIVODA (in the Middle ages Zlivode, Vučitrn): at the be- ginning of the 19th c., the ruins of three churches were record- ed to have existed in the village and its surroundings. ŽITINJE (Podujevo): a church existed in the 15th c., probably on the site called Kod Crkve (By the Church); the surviving remains of a medieval mining shah.
ŽITINJE (Vitina): 1. church of the Holy Trinity in the grave- yard, recently erected over the ruins of the church of the Moth- er of God; 2. ruins of the church of St. Nicholas (St. Theo- dore), by the river.
ŽITKOVAC (K. Mitrovica): 1. an old graveyard with the ru- ins of a former church; 2. archaeological remains of a Neolitic settlement.
ŽIVINJANE (Prizren): church of St. Kyriake, erected in the 19th c. on the foundations of an old church from the 16th–17th c. ŽUJA (formerly Cerka, Kriva Reka near Novo Brdo): a Turkish census from the 16th c. refers to “the monastery of the monk Simon”.
This list of Shrines is based on a study by Milan ivanović, “Church Monuments from 13th to 20th century” (in Serbian) in: Zadužbine Ko- sova (eds. a. jevtić & Živorad Stojković), Prizren-Belgrade 1987, and other recent publications. Dragan jovanović, researcher, compiled the major part of this list.
Zvečan, Church of Saint George
The Christian Shrines of Kosovo and Metohija from the 13th to the 20th century
 Fortress of Zvečan, 15th century

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