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19. On October 5th, Zuka imerov, from the village of Bjater accompanied by twenty other bandits attacked the home of priest Nedeljko Krsmanović from the village Popovac. Zuka killed priest’s wife deathly wounding Sava jovanović, priest’s nephew. The rest of the family members closely escaped as- sassination.
20. The notorious criminals from the village of Kabash, adem and Mustafa, together with their gang of bandits, on October 9th sometime around 9 a.m., killed four peasants from Vitina whose names are as follows: Marko Dajić, a cer- tain Sava, Vesa Nikolić’s brother and his son Petko. The fam- ilies of the victims were stricken with utmost poverty due to the deaths of heads of families.
21. On December 17th, Belokalemberović, an albanian, killed Blagoje Šogić, an ethnic Serb from the village of Suvo Grlo (the District of Peć).
22. Urged by his master, Subaša Šerifović murdred Bla- goje Petrović in the course of the same month.
23. On March 20th, albanians ambushed and killed Ris- ta, who was originally from Poljan, in the District of Peć, somewhere between Peć and Mitrovica. These albanians reside in the village of Shubrelija in the same District.
24. Bahtir Repe, an albanian, killed numerous Serbs near the Serbian border and committed a lot of criminal acts in Turkey. in spite of all that, he got away with it and is leading an undisturbed life in his vlilayet being highly respected among the Vučitrn Turks.
25. isa Rushitović, an albanian from Popovo (Vučitrn), though he killed three Serbs, strolls freely and relaxed down the Vučitrn marketplace.
26. On December 20th, 1897, albanians killed Mićadin Vukosavljević from Glavičica in the District of Peć. This crime was committed in the home of the victim.
27. Sima jeremić from Voćnjak in the District of Peć was brutally killed in front of his house.
28. On january 15th, albanians killed jovan Stojković from Vlobuka from the District of Peć in his watermill.
29. On the 24th of the same month, albanians killed Toma Marković from Gradjenik in his own home.
Plundering of churches
1. in the month of October, a group of albanians demol- ished a church in Hoča having looted everything they could find inside.
2. albanians also demolished an old Serbian church in Končulj situated on the road between Gilan and Bujanovac in the area of Priština. at the moment they are building hous- es for themselves using the material of the demolished church.
3. On april 6th, albanians plundered the church in Rao- vac, in the Sanjak of Prizren.
4. On December 20th, albanians attacked and plundered the Holy Trinity Monastery in the vicinity of Prizren.
Rapes and abductions
1. Malja, an albanian from Ljubižda raped the wife of Cvetko Marković from the village of Vrbovac in the District of Gilan. He demanded her forced conversion to islam and turning Turk but she succeeded to escape and now lives with
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her husband in Gilan but must not return to her village. Not even in Gilan are they allowed to go out in the street in fear of meeting Malja.
2. a couple of albanian malefactors lead by a certain ja- shar from Dobrotin took away by force two daughters-in- law of Stojan Kolar named Krsjana and Kita in the village of Tirinac (the District of Gilan). The albanians held both wom- en at their homes for two nights and one day and during that period raped them a couple of times.
3. Two shepherds from the village of Piran, one of whom is the son of Bajram, intercepted on the road from Piran to Ločište the daughter-in-law of Krsta Stanoje Trecak, from Ločište, and raped her there.
4. On june 10th, albanians from the village of Bilinac (the District of Gilan) took away by force the daughter of Gavri- lo Panča from the same village and raped her. after that, she was taken to the Gilan Local Government’s Office where she stated that she had been dragged away by force. The author- ities ordered that she should be returned to her parents but failed to prosecute the assaulters who threatened the parents with death for having dared to complain.
5. Omer, an albanian, from the village of Glavotina ab- ducted Saveta, the daughter of Djordje Nedeljković, an eth- nic Serb, and took her to the house of etulaj Sejdinović, his uncle from the village of Streoce, and raped her there. She consequently filed a complaint to the court in Vučitrn.
6. albanian ali Basha who lives in Glavotin, in the Dis- trict of Kosovo, forced the Serbs in this village to work for him for free every Sunday and feast day. Furthermore: he rapes their wives and daughters. Not a single woman or girl dares go to the field to work fearing his assaults. His neph- ews Omer and Kamber commit the same crimes every day. The authorities, to whom numerous complaints and lawsuits have been filed, allow them to get away with it and continue with crimes.
7. Gendarme Nezir, who joined Hasan Popov, a chaush, raped two Serbian girls in Sirinić last spring: they are the daughters of Staniša jovanović and Staniša Dejanović from the village of Štrpce. Dejanović’s daughter has been long ill due to this assault.
8. in the town of Priština, where the headquarters of the Priština Sanjak authorities are located, a group of Turks took away by force Živka, the daughter of Rista Marković, on Sep- tember 6th, in the evening.
9. albanians abducted Cveta Maksimović, a girl from the village of Rajanovac (the District of Gilan), holding her cap- tive for four days in the wood where she was repeatedly raped.
10. On November 14th, Zejna jusifović from the village of Busovata, accompanied by a gang of thugs, abducted Ma- rija antić, a girl from the village of Draganac, taking her to the wood.
11. On November 15th, two albanian criminals: Tifa from the village of Dobrosinje and Husein from the village of Ka- račevo accompanied by his entire gang of thugs, seized Djor- dje Stojanović and his brother from the village of Bojevac (the District of Gilan) and took them to the wood by force. Two days later, they took Djordje away to the mountain leav- ing his brother with a message to bring 12 Turkish liras to pay the ransom for Djordje threatening him, his brother and

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