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From the 13th to the 20th century
their whole family with death in case he should fail to pay the demanded sum.
12. at the end of October, albanian criminals from the village of Domonek (in the District of Prizren) took away by force the daughter of Djordje Tomić from the same village, who was married to a Serb from the village of Movljan, and she is still being held captive.
13. in the year 1897, Rajin, an albanian from Boževac, took away by force a girl named Cveta Maksimović but by order of the Turkish authorities she was subsequently returned to the Municipality of Gilan. This self-same Rajin later murdered aleksa, Cveta’s brother; and on February 10th, 1898, he ab- ducted Drenka, Cveta’s sister, and took her to the mountain. This crime was committed in broad daylight and in the pres- ence of many witnesses. So far no information has been found on that girl; it is believed that she is being held captive some- where in the District of Peć.
14. On March 25th, albanians took away by force Vetka, daughter of arsa Štrbanovski from Bobovac, from the Dis- trict of Gilan as well as the wife of Pepa Filić, from the vil- lage of Golovshe, who went there to visit her father.
15. Stevan jović from Makreš (the District of Gilan) who was forcefully taken away to the District of Djakovac or Peć by a group of albanians, has not been released yet. Legal steps have repeatedly been taken by his father who complained to the Mutesarif and to the Vally of Skoplje on numerous oc- casions but yielding no results.
16. On january 24th, albanians abducted and imposed conversion upon the daughter of Sava Čakagaš, from the vil- lage of Štubaš in the District of Peć, coercing her into turn- ing Turk. The girl was engaged to be married to Kosta Vu- ković.
17. ibish jakubov, an albanian from Kabaš in the District of Gilan, broke into the house of Sava Kostić from the vil- lage of Vitina and raped his wife.
18. Bolja arachanović, an albanian from Kabaš, raped a twelve-year-old daughter of aleksa Vesić from Vitina.
19. albanian jakub Mehmedović with his two accomplic- es from Kabash raped Sanda, the wife of Mitar Stanković from Vitina.
20. On February 12th, albanians abducted and took to the wood a girl from the village of Rajanovac, in the District of Gilan.
Attacks, robberies, felonies
1. On april 23th, the sons of Ukshin and Djerish from the village of Donji Makreš, wounded Simeon, the son of Periša from the same village (in the District of Gilan) heavily: his legs being riddled with gun bullets.
2. Bajram, the son of ismail adzha from Novo Selo (afore- mentioned herein) and his son Binak from the village of Ra- dovac, demanded from each house in the village of Gorad- jevac the amount of 750 groschen threatening to the inhab- itants of the village that they would be banished from there unless they paid.
3. During the wedding celebration of the son of Kosta Pu- tić from Vitin (the District of Gilan), Mustafa, an albanian from Karabsh, demanded one Turskih lira and a pair of socks from Kosta and Kosta gave him that. But, as Kosta failed to
bring his daughter-in-law to Mustafa to kiss his hand, Mus- tafa attempted to abduct her several times as well as to kill Kosta. Due to this, Kosta left his entire estate and, on june 8th, 1897, together with his family, fled to Gilan where he per- manently resides now.
4. inhabitants of the village of Vitina (the District of Gi- lan) are in constant fear of albanian tyranny; they especial- ly fear certain adem and Mustafa, from Kabash, who con- stantly impose all kinds of forced taxation on them. For in- stance, when someone is getting married he must pay 4 li- ras; the same amount is demanded from a bride. every day here, albanians impose kuluk [corvee labor, forced and un- paid labor] on villagers.
5. in the month of May, albanians Feta Verich and his relatives and companions expelled an old Serbian family— the ahandzic’s, a very highly esteemed and respected fam- ily—from the village of Majstir (the District of Peć) confis- cating their home and estate.
6. On july 14th in the evening, near the village of Koso- vica, a group of albanians fired a few shots at Sima Djokić from Carevac breaking his right arm.
7. in Kolašin, each Serbian home is forced to provide the albanians with workers at their own expense being obliged do it every day. The workers must cultivate their land and do agricultural works for free; every Sunday and feast day all of the inhabitants, men and women, are obliged to do the kuluk [unpaid labor]. Numerous complaints of the poor people have been ignored by the authorities remaining un- answered.
Similar misdeeds occur every day in the entire Old Ser- bia, especially in the District of Gilan.
8. in a devastating attack committed by the albanians four Serbian homes were plundered and laid waste in Peć: the homes of jovan Djak, Petar Dimić, Spira Savić and Ni- kola Miladinović.
9. an albanian from the village of jelač (the District of Gilan) went to Gogolevac (in the same District), in the first half of the month of September, to the home of Rista ilić where he searched all the rooms in the house looking for Ri- sta’s wife and sister. He found them in the granary but Rista refused to open it for him so the albanian beat him up with rifle-butt and left him half-dead. While the albanian was beating Rista, Rista’s wife and sister escaped to the neigh- boring wood; they were so traumatized which resulted in serious illness. Due to this attack, Rista was forced to leave his home and his land and to flee, together with his whole family, to another village and find shelter in the home of one of his relatives.
10. On October 31th, more than 20 albanians attacked the home of Maksim Batićevac in the village of Drenovac (the District of Gilan) demolishing the stable in order to steal his livestock. Maksim, from his room, fired a shot in the air to scare them away. in reaction to that, the albanians opened fire from all guns shooting at the windows and doors wound- ing Maxim and raiding his 4 buffalos.
11. Two brothers Zuko and airo, the aforementioned al- banians from the village of Batajir (the District of Mitrovi- ca), committed the following abductions and thefts in the month of October:

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