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From the 13th to the 20th century
iii. In the District of Kolašin
Last month Cubovi (Tsubs), albanian villains, stormed into the house of Stojan Radović in the village of Varak and stole all their belongings. The females in the house acted hero- ically, they even fired at them, but shot nobody.
They stole two horses from Sima Stanić from Okalce; two bulls from Spasoje in Pridvorica; one horse from jevrem in Kovača and from Obrad in the same village also one horse; from Sima Djordjević from Dubin Potok also one horse; they also stole several horses and bulls from Čečevo, Oklace i Br- njaci.
Košutovci—albanians, grabbed a girl from the village of Kamenica and imposed Turkish faith on her; they also kid- napped another girl from that village.
iV. In the District of Vučitrn
On September 13th the infamous villan Dibrak Kukorivica stole 4 horses from Radisav ignjatović from the village of Mošnice. also, our informant says that rifles are imported from Serbia and he urges that this should stop otherwise al- banians will exterminate Serbs. Milutin Slavković and Ra- dosav, the Kocić brothers from the village of Kučija, set out for refuge in Serbia with their families, for the unbearable terror, but they were stopped and driven to Kučija (Dreni- ca), so who knows how they will end up.
V. In the District of Mitrovica
On September 29th unknown thieves attacked the house of a Serb in Mitrovica and drove his four horses away.
Hussein Feratović and Šaban Kopriva attacked two mer- chants at midnight and when they had already started rob- bing them, they were saved by two men who were passing by.
in the village of Korito, they attacked a Serb; in a village of Desetak, they stole five horses that belonged to (...) from the same village.
From Simona, a widow in Kamenica, they stole three bulls; from Stojana, widow from the same village, four bulls; from ilija in Meki Do 20 goats; from Milun in Kamenica, they took all his property away.
On 23rd of the previous month, a Muhamed Mustafić from Mitrovica entered the inn of Laza Velešanac and, having got himself drunk heavy, he unclogged the barrel and let all his rakija (brandy) leak out. He beat Laza and his errand boy fiercely. Laza went to Kajmakam to complain, and for a string agitation he got brain stroke and passed out.
isa Boletini is constantly making Serbs work for free and the informant says that the scale of terror in Mitrovica is un- heard of and beyond description.
Vi. In the District of Peć
in the night of September 15th of the current year, albanians attacked and killed Vučko Milošević, an inn-keeper from Peć and took his errand-boy Perko Herković with them. Perko was released by the mother of some of those villains, so he returned home.
The informant says that adem Zajim, the notorious vil- lain, is constantly keeping the road from Peć to Djakovica and Prizren blocked. in the beginning of the previous month,
he attacked hodmen from Mitrovica and took their seven pair of buffalos, two bulls, several boxes of gas and sugar and two “Martin” rifles. jaća Zdravković, guarantor of Vasilije Šotić, gave adem 15 lires of fine and settled the matter with him. This was mentioned in the previous report. The same guy exacted the 150 liras fine for Serbs only.
The villagers of Grabnik, Dolac and Drenik are groaning with pain of terror.
On September 14th, Tafil Šaban Kajtasović from the vil- lage of Kijevo, abducted the daughter of Zdravko Belić from the same village, and upon the girl’s shrieking and bemoan- ing, Tafil Uka from the same village took and handed her over to her father. Now Kajtasović is threatening Zdravko with murder unless he delivers her.
Vii. In the Novi Pazar Sanjak
Unknown Turks have stolen: 2 bulls from aksentije in Leto- vac, a cow from Mladja in Dubrava, 3 bulls from Rista in Pla- kaonica, 4 horses from jablan in Mošnice, 5 horses from Vuk- man in Leposlavljevići, 1 horse and 1 bull from Miladin in Desetak, 2 horses from aksentić in Desetak and also 2 hors- es from Dobrica in Kruševo. Šaqir Grbović from Novi Pazar blackmailed priest andjelko Krsmanović out of 10 lires of fine.
Viii. In the District of Gnjilane
On the eve of the Holy assumption, unknown albanians stole two bulls from Mita Djelić in ajnovac; two mares and a bee-hive from Dena in Merošina; in Kostirevo the local albanians took all the property from Trajko Marković from Kostanca and they also robbed everything from arsa N. in Mačar. From Ćela Barilović in the same village they stole two bulls.
Omer from Priština stabbed Mitko from Gogovac, and against Zafir Stojiljković from the same village he rattled his rifle three times to kill him, but it wouldn’t fire, so he ran away. all this for no reason whatsoever.
From Marija in Rajanovac albanians stole two bulls a month ago. From Kaca in izvor, ten days ago, they stole two bulls worth 12 Turkish lira.
Two months ago, isllam, albanian from Kosovac, tar- geted three times with a rifle a Serb from Boljevac, but luck- ily he did not shoot him. 6 days after, he grabbed his wife, imposed Turkish faith on her and married her. The little child stayed with its father.
On august 14th this year, albanians killed anta arsić from Mošnice; on 2 august they stole two bulls from Sava Šuma- ković in Triniševac.
all this has been submitted. and there is much more that has not been submitted. The authorities turn a blind eye to this terror. The ever more frequent terror against Serbs must have been instigated by a powerful factor.
a copy has been sent to the Legation in Constantinople.
i am honoured to be called your servant.
archives of Serbia, Ministry of foreign affairs, Belgrade, Legation at Constantinople, folder 93.

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