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From the 13th to the 20th century
in this manner, he managed to collect up to 30 rifles from different sources of supply (which means that not all the ri- fles were delivered from Serbia!) delivered to the Serbs in the villages of the Mitrovica District. He conducted his search in the following villages: Sendon, Doljane, Rujište, Padine, jagnjenica, Žeravica, Vojmisliće, Matica, Lokva, Lovac, Ba- njištanska Reka, Kozarevo, Kobilja Glava and Vrba.
in the village of Doljane, he found 2 Martin rifles beat- ing up to death a serf named Vukadin Marković.
in Sendol, he beat up Žarko jović’s son finiding one Mar- tin rifle.
in Rujište, he found two Martin rifles having brutally beat- en up Bogosav Radojković, a serf and Kosta Radojković.
in Jagnjenica, he beat up Pavle Radenković and David Bogosavljević, leaving Pavle half-dead.
in Ladike, he beat Tomica Radojković, Lara N. and Mi- loš Stevanović finding 10 rifles there.
in Kobilja Glava, having beaten up a serf and a couple of villagers, he could barely find a few rifles.
in Vrba, he beat up Trajko Mićanović and found 2 rifles.
in Kozarevo, he beat up a couple of peasants finding no weapons.
in Vojmislić, he also beat up people finding only a few rifles.
in Banjištinska Reka, he brutally beat up a certain Vučin N. but found no rifles.
While he was searching for weapons in the villages of the Mitrovica area beating up Serbs to coerce their false confes- sions about where they were allegedly hiding rifles, the al- banians for their own purposes invaded Kolašin without him and tortured the villagers to betray where they were hiding the weapons. Together with albanian outlaws under the com- mand of Mihrak and Beram from the village of Košutovo (the latter had ambushed and attacked, accompanied by his gang of thugs, First priest Vukajlo) struck the villages Ugl- jare and Varage beating and tying up villagers while seeking for the rifles and assaulting the females, so that the wretch- ed people were forced to flee to the gorge to escape this un- heard of violence.
a certain arif, an albanian from Banjska, accompanied by his gang, struck again Lučka Reka and in all the villages of that area he persecuted, tortured, tied up and beat Ser- bian peasants.
in the village of Junake, adem Čauš from Novi Pazar, beat up to death Milovan Miletić seizing from him two Martin rifles.
in the district of Brnjak, in Kolašin, there is a monastery named Crna Reka whose patron saint’s day is celebrated on St. Demetrius’s Day. On the feast day, Ferat-bey, son of ali- Draga-pasha from Mitrovica and abdul amzović, albanian chieftain from Ribari, accompanied by 50–60 armed alba- nians stormed the monastery. They occupied the monastery, ate and drank to one’s heart content threatening to and at- tacking Serbian peasants. When a priest named Pavle Stakić confronted them in order to protect the peasants, the alba- nians tied him up, beat him and tortured him putting rifle pipe into his mouth threatening to kill him. Priest Pavle bare- ly got released that day after much entreating and imploring on his behalf by the present peasants and he escaped to Novi
Pazar leaving behind an abandoned parish hall and a church without a priest.
Having completed his mission in such a brutal manner, isa Boletini was on his way to Kolašin.
He arrived in Kolašin on the morning of july 5th com- menicing with his investigation in the village of Lučka-Reka where he committed the same bestialities as in the villages of the Mitrovica District. as soon as Serbian population in Kolašin heard that isa was coming with the army, they im- mediately fled to the mountain preferring even to commit suicide rather than to be shamefully beaten up with poles by isa’s terror-mongers.
While that was happening, the messengers from Kolašin reached Mr. Mashkov and me in Mitrovica asking whether they could resist isa with arms and prevent the search in Ko- lašin with rifle fire. Had isa attacked Kolašin acting in his own behalf or together with albanians, they would have certaintly resisted him with arms without asking for permission but the problem here was that isa was coming as a “man of the em- pire” accompanied by soldiers and policemen. Turks would hardly wait our resistance to showcase how Serbia furnished Kolašin Serbs with weapons for the purpose of revolution- ray movement. its aftermath would be ruthless destruction of Kolašin. Therefore, Mr Mashkov and i advised the Kola- šin Serbs to refrain from armed resistance but to hide the weapons properly. However, they had all already fled to the mountain. Only women, children and the infirm elderly re- mained in the villages.
as soon as we arrived in Mitrovica and heard of isa’s mis- deeds in that area, Mr. Mashkov demanded from the Mute- sarif, during his first visit to him, that isa be withdrawn. Dje- mal-bey, fabricating an explanation that isa was sent there only to show the way to the army (!) promised Mr. Mashkov that he would order isa to come back...
Rumour had it in Mitrovica that isa retorted to the re- call that he would not come back until he performed mem- orable wonders in Kolašin even if Russian emperor himself had come instead of his consul.
Mr. Mashkov immediately telegraphed this to the Rus- sian embassy in Constantinople which was definitely the rea- son, together with his reports on the pitiable position of the Serbs, why Muri-pasha came to Mitrovica the following day as an envoy of the Sultan to put an end to this evil.
informing the embassy about his arrival, Mr. Mashkov humorously observed that the only flaw of this envoy was that he was a cousin of the Priština Mutesarif Džemal-bey! However, isa triumphantly returned on the same day (july 5), in the morning, accompanied by his ethnic albanians (ar- banases), carrying the seized rifles as his trophies. The army and police stayed in the ransacked Kolašin.
isa brought approximately thirty rifles of different cali- bres, some of which were, by all odds, planted on the Serbs. He loaded the pack-saddle on a horse with the rifles taking the horse through the center of the town and directly before the army barracks where the Mutesarif, Mufti and the army- -commander Sali-pasha had been waiting together with some office workers.
No sooner did we start to rejoice as the people in Kolašin could finally sigh with relief and return to their homes be-

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