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  Milovan Dj. Milovanović, Serbian prime Minister prior to the Balkan wars, the architect of the Balkan alliance against Ottoman empire comprising Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and Montenegro.
 Nikola P. Pašić, Prime Minister of Serbia (1912–1918) who succesfully led Serbia through Bakan wars and the World War i. He took office in 1912, after the sudden death
of Prime Minister Milovanović.
 General Radomir Putnik, the main military strategist of
the operation in both Balkan wars (1912–1913).
General Putnik was promoted by the King Petar i Karadjordjević into the rank of the Field Marshal (Vojvoda), in late 1912.
Postcard from 1913 celebrating Serbian victories in both Balkan wars, against Ottomans and former allies the Bulgarians
Ottoman soldiers and Albanian volunteers captured after the battle of Kumanovo in transit through Belgrade
First fighting in the battle of Kumanovo, October 1912

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