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Kossovo Day
F W Harvey
From this sweet nest of peace and Summer blue – england in june—a sea-bird’s nest indeed Guarded of waves, and hid by the sea-weed
From envious hunter’s eye, we send to you
Our flying thoughts and prayers, our treasure too, Poor though it be to bandage wounds that bleed For country dear beloved. There the seed
Of homely loves and occupations grew
To wither in the flame of Godless might
Kindled by hands of treachery, yet reeking
With blood of friends and neighbours. Serbia, thou Has thought us careless and far off; know now
Thy name to us is sudden drums outspeaking
and tortured trumpets crying in the night!
Westminster Gazette, of june 28th, 1916; also: The Lay of Kossovo: Serbia’s Past and Present (1389–1917) by F. W. Harvey, C. Oman, Sir arthur evans, Tichomir R. Gjorgjevitch [and others] and Three Ser- bian ballads; for the anniversary of the Kossovo Day Celebration in Great Britain on June 15/28th, 1916, p. 11).
Serbian troops in 1914.
Serbian army won two major victories against austro-Hungarian troops in august 1914 (Battle of Cer) and in December 1914 (Battle of Kolubara). The unprecedented heroism of Serbia in 1914–1915, before the retreat to albania and Corfu, provoked immense sympathies for Serbian people. in various allied countries Kosovo Day was celebrated in honour of valiant Serbia.

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