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protection of the Mother of God of Peć, most-glorious hope of Orthodox Christians, protectress and deliveress of the Cross-bearing Serbian people by Whom the entire world gets saved, and under her wonderworking icon which St. Sava, the first Serbian archbishop, brought as a blessing to his Church and his people from the Holy Land and the Ho- ly City of jerusalem, as it says in the akathist hymn to the Most Holy Mother of God of Peć, which has been continu- ously read here for centuries. Today, as before, being in the new national troubles we, too, pray to the Mother of God of Peć under the arches of her Monastery:
O, All-pure Virgin, All-blessed Lady, Most Holy Theoto- kos, Queen of Heaven and Earth, Mother of God Most High, falling down before Thy honorable icon with fear and faith we pray to Thee as our protectress and patroness: accept, o merciful-one, our supplications and cover us with Thy hon- orable omophorion, as Thou art a helper of all Christians Entreat Thy Son, our Lord God Jesus Christ, to protect Thy monastery and all Thy faithful children who venerate Thy most pure icon and cry unto Thee: O, All-merciful Lady The- otokos, deliver all those who praying to Thee with faith and love from sinful falls, all temptations, dangers and a sudden death! Grant all of us a humble spirit, contrite heart, chas- tity of soul and body, correction from sins, repentance, hum- ble-mindedness and release us from all our sins, so that we may celebrate Thy coming in joy, become worthy of King- dom of Heaven, and with all the Saints praise the honorable and majestic Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen
O, Most-dear Queen, our hope, accept this hymn of praise from us, Thy unworthy servants, and help us the helpless ones, as we do not have any other help or protec- tion except for Thee, Most-merciful Mother of the King and Lord of all creation, Virgin Mary: enlighten us, protect and save rightbelieving Orthodox emperors, kings and princes! O, Lady, save and have mercy on Orthodox patri- archs, most reverend metropolitans, archbishops and bish- ops, and all the priestly and monastic order and all Ortho- dox Christians! establish the true faith, deliver all of us from falls and sins, and protect from the cunning attacks of the evil one. O, Most-gentle Lady, Virgin, Queen, Theotokos, hear our prayers and entreat Thy Son and our God to save Thy servants who come to venerate Thy wonderworking icon and offer gifts to Thy Holy icon and the Divine Child Whom Thee hold in Thy hands. This icon was painted by Luke the evangelist so that we may joyously and thankfully glorify the Holy Trinity, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto the ages of ages. amen. O, Most-blessed and full of God’s grace, Mother, protectress and interceder, Virgin Mary, accept our fervent prayers we offer to Thee and hear the prayers of the Serbian Saints who pleased Thy son and our God, Lord Savior jesus Christ who stand before the throne of Most High and are an or- nament of this Monastery of the Serbian Patriarchate and a glory of the right-believing Serbs in front of God. and
The Chronicles of the Renewed Crucifixion of Kosovo
these are: St. Sava, arsenius, Sava the Second, Nicodemus, ephraim, Danilo, eustathius, Gregory, Maxim, Spiridon, jakov, joanikius, Sava the Third, Nikon and Cyril the Mer- ciful... Take a merciful look at the prayers of St. Simeon the Myrrhbearer, Steven the First-crowned, Vladislav, Teoc- tist, Milutin, Stefan Dečanski, Uroš the Young, Lazar the Great Martyr, and Vladimir; all-laudable queens, princess- es and despotesses: ana, anastasia, Hellen and angelina; Sts. Gregory, Stefan, Maxim, jovan of Ryla, Gabriel of Les- novo, ilarion of Osogovo, Hilarion of Meglina, euthimius, Nestor, Basil of Zahumlje and Peter of Cetinje...
O, all-graceful Mother, beseech Thy Son to save our people from every evil harm! Save all of us in the Orthodox faith faithfully kept by our forefathers! Save us from infec- tious decay of good minds, deliver us from every danger and persecutors who pounce on us ! Grant all of us peace, unity, love and hope which protects us from despondency and despair!... Do not deprive us of hope, preserve love and faith which save our souls in all storms of life! Have mercy on all of us who pray to Thee before Thy wonder- working icon and save our souls. amen!
The news on the killed and kidnapped:
28/9th of May—10/11th of june—Krunoslav Jovanović
from Priština was kidnapeed in the water supply company called “Batlava.” in Kosovo Polje, an eleven year old girl, Danijela Stanojević, the daughter of a “Yumko” employee , Dušanka, was kidnapped from home as well as Dane Svilar (48 y.o.), the son of Teodor. Dušanka Stanojević left for work and as usual left her children locked at home. When she returned, Danijela was not there any longer and her younger brothers could not say anything about their sister. Then, an albanian neighbor came and threatened Dušanka she would stay without her sons, too, unless she moved to Serbia.
in Gnjilane, Velimir Arsić and Branko Aksić were killed, in Brnjaca—Nikola Bjegović (49), the son of jovan, in Staro Rujce—Vojimir Zivić (72), the son of Ljuba, in Kačanik— Stojmen Dimitrijevski (68). a Serbian soldier Ilija Ilić (48), the son of Stanislav, was found murdered in Manastirica, in Miljaj—a soldier Radovan Stefanović (22), the son of Mi- lorad. it has been reported that the following persons are missing: Krunoslav Josanović (62) from Orlan, Stanislav Marković (72) from Mušutište, Krstana Stefanović (62), Lju- biša Nedeljković (43) and Leposava Nedeljković (47) from 3 Devet jugovića Street in Suva Reka. in Osek Hilja, Milorad Radovanović (60) and his wife Zorka (54) were killed. in Dvorane, the Ristić family was killed as well as Lazar Nišić (73). in Kosovo’s Trstenik a soldier Bojan Baltić (23) was killed. in Peć, Milorad Novićević (59) was murdered.
May 30/June 12—In Živinjane, Cvetko Simić was killed, in Berkovac the sisters Milica and Milka Slavković were kidnapped. Živko Stajić (68) was killed in Donje Petrice. in the village of Boštane, a twelve year old boy Jovica Petrović, the son of Vlastimir and Vera, workers from Novo Brdo,

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