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Metropolitan amfilohije (Radović)
was killed in the forest where he went while playing. in Lipljane, Nikola Ristić (64), the son of aksentije, and in Mušutište, Božidar Jovanović were kidnapped. in junik or in Dečani, Vlastimir Vukanić (80) was kidnapped and prob- ably murdered as the tyrants burned down his house in junik the same afternoon. in istok, Miodrag (40), Stanica (59) and Radoje (71) Vulić were kidnapped.
May 31/June 13—In Priština, a policeman Zoran Rajčić (30), the son of Vujica, was killed. in the settlement of Vra- njevac, Milutin Dimitrijević was kidnapped and killed in front of the school, which was the headquarter of what is known as “UCK” Somewhere in Priština, a driver of TV Priština Branko Marković was kidnapped as well as sol- diers Slaviša Izderić (25), the son of Miroslav, Dragan Di- mitrijević (29), the son of Milutin, and Jovan Djurica (20), the son of Sanko.
Two brothers Srećko (68) and Tomislav (62) Pirković, the sons of Todor, were kidnapped in Ljubižda, in Djakov- ica—Borisav Spasić (46), in Suva Reka—Dejan Trajković (29) and on the road from Djakovica to Nis, the soldiers: Predrag Ivković (40), the son of Budimir, Dragoljub Bojić (44), the son of Milorad from Djakovica, and Todor Stan- ković (52), the son of aleksandar. a youngster Milan Vuko- vić (17) was kidnapped without a trace on the road to Peć, on his way to buy medications for his mother. in Prizren— Dragan Bulić and Marica Stamenković (44).
Here in Peć, Dušanka (47) and Milosavka (75) Dragović were killed by albanians, in Crnoljevo—Bora Stefanović, a policeman, in Priština—a solider Nebojša Stamenković (44), in Kosovo Polje—Jovica Dimić. Dragan B Petković (39) a Hotel Metohija employee, and his brother Zoran Petković (43), a Peć beer factory employee, were kidnapped without a trace by albanian crowd. They were pushed into a car and driven to an unknown destination, their house was robbed.
Today, June 1/14—In the village of Stupelj, Zorka Marti- nović and Cenka Ljušić were kidnapped. in Priština—Mio- mir Milenković, the son of Stanoje, in the settlement of Sun- čani Breg 22/22, an engineer Ivan Celić (37), employed at “The electric Power industry of Serbia” by the coal mine “Belaćevac” was most likely kidnapped in front of the Ho- tel Grand on his way to buy milk for his children. He did not return home. in Podujevo—Miroslav Milačić was kid- napped. in Priština, Ilija Sukić, a Priština’s Radio Station employee, was shot in his backyard.
a group of six armed albanians with red and black bands around their arms, among whom was eljez Krasnići with his three sons, Faton, Murten and elez, stopped a refu- gee convoy leaving the village of Kojlovica near Priština and cut off Dragan Jovanović (30) and two brothers—Slav- isa (30) and Boban (20) Krstić with fellow travelers from the rest of the convoy killing them on the spot, right in front of Slaviša’s wife and his three small children while wounding jovanović’s mother Maria in their attempt to shoot her, too, according to the witness, the Krstić broth-
ers’ mother, Živka. in the village of Slivovo, Jovo Grković from Uroševac was kidnapped.
Djordjije Šćepanović, Comissioner for Refugees in Mon- tenegro, told the reports that today, on june 14 alone, 11,000 refugees have arrived in Montenegro, and that the new waves are being expected in the following few days. in Ser- bia, in the past few days, more then 100,000 refugees from the occupied Old Serbia have joined the present refugees from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina which number more then 700,000.
The Monuments of emperor Dušan and
ivan Stepanović jastrebov Have Been Destroyed
June 2/15, 1999, St Nicephorus the Confessor, Patriarch of Constantinople, Holy hieromartyr Erasmo of Ohrid
From the Prizren Diocese we find out that the alba- nians are taking over the city under the auspices of the Ger- man KFOR. Two days ago, on Sunday May 31/June 13, the miners of their hordes which swarm out of widespread mantles of the “peacekeeping” forces and rampage streets and roads, spectacularly blew out a monument of emperor Dušan next to St. George Church built in 1995, on Shedr- van, close to Papaz, Priest’s downtown, that is. We were not there on the spot, of course, we did not see the event itself, but we did see a photo which says a lot about it. in the photo taken after this act of vandalism by a “France- Presse” photographer, it can be seen that the explosion only tore up the monument from its base and knocked it down on the pavement and by the passers-by in the distance who go their own way without looking back, it can be conclud- ed that the statue lay for some time on the street after be- ing mocked.11
The photo in the foreground at an angle of the head zoomed monument is symbolic: lying supine knocked on the main promenade of Prizren, mute and motionless on his land which hangs above him with dismembered remains of a nearby treetop touching him with a small green branch fallen or left on his throat, the Serbian emperor, once again killed by his enemy’s hand, remains in uninterrupted peace, with an untouched stone crown on his head, looking in- tently at the sky. The scoffers can be seen behind him, al- ready saturated with their own violence, without paying any attention to him anymore, assured that they finally killed him...
They inform us from the diocese that due to the force of the explosion which blew up the monument, all window glasses of the Church of St. George the Victorious, the cen- turies-old patron of the Serbian imperial city, broke.
11 Later on we found out that the albanian rampagers dragged it to the Bistrica riverbed. They blew it up with plastic explosives and took the metal debris to a waste.

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