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Metropolitan amfilohije (Radović)
 Captain Portelano, honest man, informs us that the vil- lage Naklo is burned down. There are only two houses left. Those who returned spent the night in the village cemetery and left for Kraljevo this morning...
in the village of Glavičice there were 82 homes. Of these, 20% belonged to the Roman Catholic albanians. The fam- ily of Radivoje Gojić had 9 members itself. 7–8 of them saved the church. The terrorists threatened them: “We will kill you!” “Kill us,” was their reply. So the church and the parochial house have been saved, at least for now.
Milorad Jovićević (60 yr. old?), Chief accountant in the Leather and Footwear Factory has been killed in the settle- ment of Kakarić, near the Mohammedan cemetery, close to the railway station in Peć.
Milorad (70) and Jelena (64) Dejanović have been ab- ducted in Stari Kačanik.
There is no trace of the lawyer Milivoje Djuričić and the two men from Peć, Radonja Petrović and Jovica Savić, who were with him. They were last seen in the house of a wealthy Gipsy in Peć, the seat of the local “UCK” headquarters. The signs of abuse were visible on them.
...This morning, at about 10 o’clock, 26 people left Dja- kovica and arrived in the Patriarchate. at 12:00 pm, the
albanians extremists arrested the following persons in Djakovica: Momčilo Milić, Marjan Dedić, Dragutin Krstić, Draga Krstić, Bata Jolić, Milivoje Vuković, Boban Petrović, Milo Jovanović. Sister Danica brought the refugees. There are still 20 of them left in the church in Djakovica. Being besieged by the albanian terrorists, they expect to be helped by KFOR. We have informed the itallian command asking them for protection. Yesterday, Petar Popović (64) was ab- ducted in Vučitrn.
...Recent news: at about 6:00 pm, five elderly Serbs, in- cluding Slobodanka jokić and Saveta Cerović, were attacked nearby the kindergarden in Vojska jugoslavije Street... Miodrag Stanković (45) was kidnapped.
Nebojša Janković, was found in his office, at the Depart- ment of inner affairs. a bullet pierced his brain. They searched for his body afterwords...
...Vera (70) and Radonja (63) Stojković were killed on june 6/19 in Zac near Djurakovac. A deaf-mute Miško Stojković (70) buried them together with a Gipsy agim Gan from Žač. The albanians killed Miško immediately after that.
Savka Pejović (76), a native of Lijeva Rijeka in andri- jevica Municipality, was abducted from her apartment in Istok by the Albanian vandals on June 7/20.
...even more tragic news: a pit with ten (or fifty?) corpses has been discovered at the “Drvoimpeks,” company close to the house of Dejan and Goran (Bojan?) Bojić, in the first part of Vitomirica. it is assumed that it was there that the kidnapped Serbs from Djakovica were killed. We expect KFOR to provide security so that the bodies can be ex- tracted and identified. according to a witness who was al- so thrown into the pit, but survived and managed to es- cape, a pit with corpses exists in the village of Radavci, too ... We have tried to find out some more details about these common graves from the italian soldiers. it is obvious that they avoided answering, claiming that they did not find anything, or, in the meantime, the albanian KLa terrorists extracted the killed ones and removed them somewhere else, or the italians wanted to hide it, as it has happened in other cases before.24
The Serbs in Orahovac and Velika Hoča have been un- der siege without water, food and electricity, for days. ev- ery day several of them get killed. in Orahovac, 4200 Serbs are under siege, including 55 refugees from Zočište. in Lip- ljan a merried couple Čanović, Miomir, a former officer of the State Security Service, and his pregnant wife Slavica, were kidnapped.
24 The aforementioned, otherwise a very nice italian General Del Vecchio, testified about this issue in a Milan newspaper 7–8 years later saying that during this period of time, the Serbs were massively killed and that their deaths were covered up.

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