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The dormitory of the Holy archangel Gabriel Monas- tery was burned down.
...Killing of the Serbs does not stop in Priština. Vranjevac, Dragodan, Taslidže and Sunčani Breg have remained with- out any Serbs. Having driven out the real owners of their homes, the albanians put up the names of new landlords on the Serbian houses at night as well as in broad daylight and occupy them by force.
Between june 18 and 23, Miloš Radić and Dragan Dimić were abducted in Priština. as well as: Ljubisav Biočanin (49) from Sitnička street, a labworker in the Serbian police crime laboratory, abducted on his way home from work, Žarko Stamenković (39) from the village of Devet jugovića, a Priština post office driver, abducted with his car, Nebojša Stošić, a professor of Priština University, Djordje Tasević, a physician from ivo Lola Ribar Street in Priština. This morn- ing Jelena, Jovana and Mileta Ivanović have been kidnapped from their apartment.
Today, at about 2 pm, the first house next to the railway station was attacked. There were two memembers of the Dragović family in there at that time. We sent the patrol to find them but they did not find anybody. No one knows what happened to them.
at about 23 pm an old lady anka Milić (88) from jNa Street No 44, Bld. 1, 2nd floor, apt. No 6, called us all fright- ened: they pointed the spotlight at her when whe opened the door, forcing her out. She begs for help. She fears that they will return.
On june 18, in the village of Požaranje near Gnjilane, the albanian bandits abducted three antić brothers from their house: Radovan (22), Milisav (28) and Svetislav (31), having first killed their father Vlajko. a few days later, in the village of Ljubište, they found their bodies. On june 19, the albanian terrorists kidnapped and killed Čedomir Denić (39) and Momčilo Dimić (67) while they were tending their cattle in the village of Poneš near Gnjilane.
a worker of “elektrokosmet” Božidar jovanović was wounded with four bullets in the vicinity of “Dzevdet Do- da” High School, in the center of Priština. The two civilians who shot him put their guns back in their waistbands and walked quietly to the center of Priština. When KFOR troops arrived on the scene, the two men had already gone and the workers of “elektrokosmet” company had already run up to their wounded colleague. The latter say they are shocked by the treatment since one of KFOR tanks stood at about 150 meters away from the scene and their crew did not do anything at all.
On june 23, in Uroševac, Nenad Vojinović (60) and his son Srdjan (30) were killed by armed albanians. The rest of the Serbs and their parish priest are protected by 530 Greek soldiers from KFOR, but according to what they say, there
The Chronicles of the Renewed Crucifixion of Kosovo
are not enough of them to stop the albanian attacks on them and the property of those who left the city.
The Bloody Cycle, Heavy from Sin
June 11/24, 1999, Holy Apostles Bartholomew and Barn- abas
Bishop artemije and Bishop atanasije met with javier Solana, Secretary General of NaTO and General Wesley Clark, Supreme Military Commander, in the KFOR head- quarters in Priština but they came back disappointed. They were able to evacuate from Uroševac the priest of the Ser- bian Orthodox Church, Fr. Živko Kojić, whose life was in danger, and hundreds of Serbs beaten by albanians who have spent the last five days hungry and thirsty at the Uro- ševac Railway Station. These victims are housed in the el- ementary school in the village of Gračanica, which was recently turned into a reception center of the Serbs expelled from their homes. Only a few hidden Serbs remained in Uroševac. Today 500–600 Serbs have been transferred from Peć via Rožaje to Montenegro. Suffering and killing of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija go on.
in Priština, over 300 apartments have been devastated and looted by now, and hundreds of cars have been stolen. The threats and all kinds of pressures continue unabated. The armed gangs dressed in “KLa” uniforms with red and black headbands on still roam the city.
The news from Obilić: the KLa terrorists are begin- ning to take over important businesses. in the southern part of the Province, vehicles with albanian license plates are regularly seen as well as people in the albanian army uniforms, as if the whole of albania poured into Serbian Kosovo and Metohija.
in Dečani, the albanians control the traffic, too. There are only a few villages left in the south of the Province who have not been burned.
in Klina, the albanians have seized both parochial hous- es marking them as “KLa” property.
in Priština, Bishops artemije and atanasije met with Michael jackson and four other ministers of foreign affairs of France, england, Germany and italy—Vedrine, Hook, Fischer and Dini, and the following day, Bishop artemije met with the NaTO Secretary General, Solana. The min- isters have promised to work on creating a “multiethnic, multi-religious and multicultural Kosovo and Metohija,” which would probably mean that in this province, there will be room for the Serbian people and Serbian Church, too. Bishop artemije called on the Christian Serbs to stay in their homes, noting that this is a personal and national interest of every Serb. Many Serbs have responded to the bishop’s call.
Two days ago, on June 9/22, in Podujevo, Slobodan Mi- rović (42), father of two children (13 y.o. and 19 y.o.) was killed in his apartment by three arnaut Blackshirts. Dra- gan Dragović (52) from Peć was kidnapped yesterday, on

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