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      IMPLEMENTED 2001–2006
  IMPLEMENTED 2006–2014
     Consolidation of the church Rearrangement of the plateau around the church
 The church was renovated in 2002. in a project sponsored by UNeSCO, conservation specialist of the institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments in Serbia undertook a full conservation and restoration of the frescos in the church.
 Construction of a road and water-supply
  To compete the construction of water-supply
  The conventual buildings were renovated; the roof of the church and the enclosing wall were repaired and the monastery yard was refurbished.
            after 2004, at the time when the church was being transformed into a monastery, the porch with a belfry to the north of the church was expanded to serve as a dormitory. at the foot of the hill where the church stands, on the southeast side, a memorial fountain dedicated to the killed inhabitants of Hoča was built.
              The church was renovated and repaired in 2008.
   Consolidation of the church
  The church was consolidated and renovated in 2003. The structure of the building is not endangered. However, in 2013, the demolition of the Serbian school was undertaken but was stopped after
the protest of the Serbian Community in Kosovo and Metohija.
                   in 2010, small-scale repairs were begun.
                 The church was broken in and plundered in 2012.
                 Consolidation of the church and its frescos
  The church and the belfry have recently been renovated and the churchyard has been refurbished. a part of the fresco decoration underwent conservation and restoration in 2002.
       The church has recently been renovated. a part of the fresco decoration underwent conservation and restoration in 2002.
 * Further information: Project Urgent Protection of Natural and Cultural Heritage in Metohija: Final Report, Bel- grade: MNeMOSYNe, 2003, pp. 370–384; Coordination Center for Kosovo and Metohija
** Further information: Ibid.
CC – Coordination Center for Kosovo and Metohija; MC – MNeMOSYNe Center; iPCMRS – institute for the Protec-
tion of Cultural Monuments of the Republic of Serbia ре; SOC – Serbian Orthodox Church; Coe – Council of europe
The Destruction of Serbia’s Patrimonial Sites in Kosovo

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