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To St. Joanikije of Devič
Ljubomir Simović
We pray You, Saint Joanikije of Devič lift your hand, protect,
stop this wasting away, gather us, return the ants to the anthill,
the light to the fireflies,
return the frost and salt in the autumn, smoke in the winter,
the fish to the Ibar,
the swallows in the winds,
the key in the lock,
water in the watermill,
return the oxen to plow,
and gild the blackened redness
We beseech You, Saint Joanikije of Devič, be a light before those who fire,
stand before those who butcher,
and their kindling wood extinguish,
dissolve, their chains break, free them from their power,
with the only power you have, bread and salt!
We pray You, Saint Joanikije of Devič, hide Devič in your beard,
the fire in the ashes,
the tracks in the snow,
hide the bees and wasps,
the birds and mice, the summer and autumn,
and barefoot, Saint Joanikije, on the roads of the Lord, through fleeings, through fires and hunger,
stop us,
and lift us,
and teach us,
at the dreadful place
to build a City
out of stone,
with which they will stone us!
Translated by
Fr. Milovan Katanić

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