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Divvying Up
(in the Church of the Mother of God Ljeviša)
Miodrag Pavlović
In the moonlight,
Taken a wooden bucket
Full of wine,
And another full of salt
Divvy them up
And every morning
Take a bulk of milk
Give it to the foundlings
And prepare one bucket
Of different foods
For each of those beggars
On the road
For anyone who is lost
So they can all
Eat their fill
When the rain pours down
As if it’s raining buckets
One giant wooden bucket
Send up
To the winged creatures above— A bucket full
Of joy
Translated by Stephen M. Dickey and Bogdan Rakić, In a Foreign Harbor, p. 241
Mother of God, detail, apse, Chapel of Saint Nicholas, Church of the Mother of God of Ljeviša

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