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The Scent of Children
“Brother, let’s go to the field! The corn is ripe”,
said my son,
and my two boys went out, two joys,
two full houses,
two sweaty husbands,
they are mine
And I don’t like when harvests are rich, when by wars,
when by fears,
corn grows heavy to the soil and itself (Therefore never harvest in evil times, what was sown in good times )
Let the devil have it,
let birds eat it,
don’t feed your children with it
Evil helped it grow,
to lure you,
to ambush you,
to leave me without anyone
Živojin Rakočević
When instead of corn,
they harvested my two boys,
I went to the field,
and hugged empty corncobs
When instead of gold,
they brought them in two plastic bags, I felt nothing,
and there was nothing,
I stood between my two boys,
between two heavens,
to feel for the last time,
to smell for the last time,
the scent of my children
Ljubica Živić from the village of Staro Gracko lost her two sons in july 1999. They went to harvest corn and were killed in the field.
The Last Judgement, detail of Paradise: Righteous abraham, south wall of the narthex, Gračanica, 1318–1321

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