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We have a massive range of Brass, Nylon and Aluminium safety padlocks where in some cases can give you 100,000 differs. We can do Keyed Alike sets in all padlock types and, uniquely, some are ex-stock.
ALL Padlocks in the Reece range have the lock number engraved on the body and key to allow effective lock control and improve operational efficiency in group lockout situations. Our dimple key safety padlock is now highly regarded around the world as the padlock of choice in lockout safety systems.
In this section you will find:
▪ Brass Safety Padlocks
▪ Nylon Safety Padlocks
▪ Aluminium Safety Padlocks
▪ Non-Conductive Safety Padlocks
▪ Zenex Safety Padlocks
▪ Compact Safety Padlocks
▪ Brass Padlock Accessories
▪ Padlock Accessories
▪ Bespoke Engraving and Colour Coding Options
Keyed to Differ
Each padlock is keyed differently.
Keyed Alike
Each padlock is keyed the same 1 key will open all padlocks.
Master & Differ
Each padlock is keyed differently.
Master keys will override and open any of these padlocks.

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