Page 153 - 1988 Wardlaw Hartridge
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 The Junior Statesmen debated everything everywhere from Star Wars to Dress Code Wars, from Edison to the nation's capital. Attendance at the fall jSA Convention in Philadelphia was high as they debated issues revolving around "Liberty and Justice," the conference's theme. Some of the debates were held in Independence Hall, the very place in which our Founding Fathers debated the same issues. In the winter, the North Plainfield JSA sponsored a Congress '88 where smaller groups enabled W-H debaters to participate more. Anticipa­ tion mounted for the conference, the presidential nominat­ ing convention held at the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. Here the students from all over the East Coast met to choose their party's candidate. The election year was a great year for Wardlaw-Hartridge's Junior Statesmen Club.
Front Row, left to right: L. Stout, L. Medina, A. Moreno, L. Scalera, J. Cohen, R. Sinha. Second Row: G. Sood, W. Goldstein, J. Rogers, S. Sharma, K. Marenus, N. Sharma. Third Row: G. Abramson, E. Kohler, J. Delaney, J. Hare, L. Selesner, L. Miller. Last Row: Mr. T. Peters, H. Howe, G. Gonnella, P. Goldstein.

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