Page 25 - 1988 Wardlaw Hartridge
P. 25

 Mr. M. Peter Madsen, President
Mr. lames J. Lonsdorf and Miss Rita Buchowiecki, Business ManĀ­ ager
Board Of Trustees
Mr. Burgess N. Ayres, Headmaster
Mr. lames 1. Lonsdorf, Trustee and Mr. Arthur L. Strawbridge, Head of Lower School
Left to right: Mr. Russell L. Hewitt, Mr. |ohn H.C. Rogers, |r., Mr. Roger L. Left to right: Mr. Thomas R. Edwards, Mr. Russell L. Hewitt, Mr. lohn H.G. Wood (President of the Booster Club) and Mrs. Louis R. Rizzo, |r. (President of
Rogers, |r.
the Parents' Association)

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