Page 67 - 1988 Wardlaw Hartridge
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 John Stephano Kotsonis
“It's my life, leave me alone" - Billy Joel
“Life is too short, so why waste precious time" - Pat Benatar “These weren't always the best of times, but they are the only time I know" - Billy Joel
"Life: Who ever has the most toys at the end wins" - George Carlin “All I want is easy, easy money" - Billy Joel
Varsity Football (10,11,12), Varsity Golf (10,11,12), Computer Club (9), Development Club (10,11), Dance Committee (11), S.A.D.D. (10,11,12)
“Women, can't live with them, can't live without them" - Flounder "We that are true lovers, run into strange capers" - Shakespeare “If you cannot understand my silence, you cannot understand my words" - Anonymous
"I feel the excitement that only a free man can feel, a free man starting a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain" - Stephen King
Marc Daniel Laudonio

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