Page 24 - 1920 Hartridge
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 Last Will and Testament of the Members of the Fifth Room
We, the members of the Fifth Room, about to leave the walls which have for so long protected not only us, but even our vision, from the out­ side world, feeling that from our years of experience we might be able to offer to the members of the Fourth Room something which they would deign to accept, do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament.
First: We leave to them our dear room, so long sought after by them on various occasions, and we sincerely hope that next year they will be sat­ isfied with the room which they used this year for their class meetings.
Second: We leave to them that ancient and valuable tariff chart, a sacred trust to be handed down to the future classes v’ainly seeking to com­ prehend American History.
Third: We leave to them the privilege of consulting the Classical Dictionary and Hart’s Contemporary Sources of American History, books
which we advise them to use on all occasions.
Fourth: We leave to them our most valued privilege, that of acting independent and superior to the other classes. However, they seem to have acquired this already, the only privilege which they have left sacred
to us, being that of attending morning exercises at our leisure.
The individuals in the Fifth Room also wish to leave to the members of the Fourth Room the following:
First: Nancy Doggett leaves her coquettish air to Serena Murphy.
Second: Hariet Davis leaves her love of Latin and easy polished translation of Virgil to Kitty Acosta.
Third: Anna Lamar leaves her merry, contagious laugh to Agnes Beebe.

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