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 Cjrammar rules as they are applied; Restlessness, a common noun, feminine gender. Lingerie, an improper noun. Army is regular.
\[.earned Senior of Hartridge in shoe store— “ Are low shoes low this ?1
Miss Mapelsden, referring to catastrophe in Macbeth, in English \T “ What is this part of the play called?
(j. B.—“Ihecalamity.”
Portly aspirant to glory in draniatics— “ No I don’t think I could ever
be very much interested in a part like Launcelot Gobbo.”
Advisor, innocently— “ Yes, I think you’re better suited to the heavier
K. A.— “ Did you see Caroline bringing up my books?” E. M.— “ No, but I saw her bringing up the rear.”
Young girl, the picture of Joan of Arc on horseback—
“ Who is this?”
Indignant would-be informer— “ Don’t you know Paul Revere when
you see him?”
Miss Williamson, criticising pupil’s playing— “ Your playing is too slow, reminds me of the Jersey Central.
Miss Wells
means r Hildegarde,
iiDoes any one know what ‘Amen’ really
( IV History)
intelligently— “ Yes, I think so, too.
Nancy Doggett, translating Virgil— “ Trio)ies-ev-oh, yes, the Bears.”

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