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As Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda beautifully shares, “Charity must come from within, as an expression of an irrepressible urge of
       one’s own heart.”  During a time like no other, Chinmaya Mission families attuned to their community’s needs, expressed love through
       sharing their time, effort, and resources. Here is a glimpse of various ways Chinmaya families gave back their communities.

       PPE (Personal Protective Equipment): Chinmaya West distributed over 37,000 pieces of PPE to medical workers and those on the front

           ●  CM Trinidad: 20,000 Sevaks made masks to be distributed for free across the nation for adults and children.

           ●  CM Peoria: Handmade 1001 face masks and donated to Peoria hospitals/physician offices/public health outreach organizations.
               Handmade face shields were donated to the Hult Center.
           ●  CM Chicago: Delivered 2000 N95/KN95 masks and 4000 surgical masks to those on the front line. Volunteers of all ages helped to

               create 1500 cloth masks, 500 cloth caps, and 350 face shields and are still continuing their efforts.

                                                                ● CM Los Angeles: Over 500 handmade masks were donated to local physicians,

                                                                  hospitals, assisted living, and nursing homes.
                                                                ● CM Tri State: Donated $750 worth of PPE, Created 4000 3-D printed face shield and
                                                                  over 1550 homemade masks.

                                                                ● CM Houston: Distributed more than 550 kits with masks at three different locations.
                                                                ● CM San Diego: Worked with Interfaith Community Services (ICS) earlier this year to

                                                                  deliver more than 550 face-masks.
                                                                ● CM Pittsburgh: Partnering with Seva4Community who provided materials, CMP
                                                                  volunteers made 400 masks and distributed them in the community.

                                                                ● CM Boston: stitched about 1000 masks. All masks were donated to people in the
                                                                  community and some to CMB families
                                                                ● CM Dallas: Donated 150 N-95 masks to the Irving Police Department.
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