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                     Monday 9 april 2018

            Special guests honored at Divi Village

            ORANJESTAD  -  Recently  The honorees are Mr. Timo-       Embassador”  with  20  con-
            Emely Ridderstaat from the  thy  &  Mrs  Melissa  Daniels  secutive  years  coming  to
            Aruba  Tourism  Authority  as  “Distinguished  Visitors”  Aruba.The  honorary  titles
            had  the  great  pleasure  to  with 10+ consecutive years  are presented in the name
            honor two lovely couple at  coming  to  Aruba  and  of the Minister of Tourism to
            the Divi Village.            Mr.Greg  &  Mrs.  Ann  Ma-   loyal  visitors  with  consecu-
                                         rie  Niemyski  as  “Goodwill  tives years visits.q
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