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                                                                                                                                                            Saturday 20 February 2016

Big tech companies belatedly join Apple in encryption fight 

BRANDON BAILEY                   In this Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2015, file photo, Apple CEO Tim Cook discusses the new iPhone 6s and                                      cases for the Dorsey &
  AP Technology Writers          iPhone 6s Plus during the Apple event at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. Apple                                     Whitney law firm. He said
                                 has spent years setting itself up as the champion of individual privacy and security, a decision                                      it appeared the govern-
MICHAEL LIEDTKE                  that’s landed it in the government’s crosshairs over an iPhone allegedly used by one of the San                                       ment took pains to ask only
AP Technology Writers            Bernardino shooters. The high-profile case presents risks for Apple almost no matter what it does,                                    for limited assistance in a
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) —             and may spill over into the broader tech industry as well, potentially chilling cooperation with                                      mass-murder case that
Leading tech companies           federal efforts to curb extremism.                                                                                                    horrified the nation.
are rallying behind Apple                                                                                                                                              Apple’s Cook, how-
— some belatedly — in its                                                                                                                            Associated Press  ever, declared the de-
fight against a court order                                                                                                                                            mand would create what
requiring the company to         Cook argues that once           who studies data security       sells millions of iPhones in                                          amounts to a “backdoor”
help investigators break         such a tool is available,       and privacy issues.                                                                                   in Apple’s encryption soft-
into an iPhone used by one       “the technique could be         While tech companies            China, which has become                                               ware. “If the government
of the San Bernardino mass       used over and over again,       have spoken against broad                                                                             can use the All Writs Act
shooters.                        on any number of devic-         government surveillance in      the company’s second-                                                 to make it easier to unlock
A U.S. magistrate ordered        es,” even as law enforce-       the past, the Obama ad-                                                                               your iPhone, it would have
Apple to produce software        ment insists that safeguards    ministration has recently       largest market.                                                       the power to reach into
that would give investiga-       could be employed to            sought to enlist the tech in-                                                                         anyone’s device to cap-
tors access to the iPhone at     limit its use to that particu-  dustry’s help in fighting ter-  “This case is going to affect                                         ture their data,” he wrote
issue. Apple has until next      lar phone. On Tuesday, he       rorism. Several companies                                                                             in the open letter. Cook
Tuesday to challenge that        posted a 1,117-word open        have recently heeded the        everyone’s privacy and se-                                            also pledged respect for
ruling, setting the stage for    letter arguing that the FBI’s   administration’s request for                                                                          law enforcement and out-
a legal clash that could         request might have impli-       voluntary efforts aimed at      curity around the world,”                                             rage over the shootings.
determine whether tech           cations “far beyond the le-     countering terrorist postings                                                                         Cook may have no choice
companies or government          gal case at hand.”              on social media.                said Lee Tien, a staff attor-                                         but to mount a legal chal-
authorities get the final say    For months, Cook has en-        Civil liberties groups warned                                                                         lenge, given his very public
on just how secure devices       gaged in a sharp, public        the fallout from the San Ber-   ney for the Electronic Fron-                                          commitment to protecting
like smartphones can be.         debate with government          nardino dispute could ex-                                                                             customer data. Two fellows
CEO Tim Cook decried the         officials over his company’s    tend beyond Apple.              tier Foundation, a digital                                            at the Brookings Institution
order on Tuesday, saying         decision to shield the data     “This is asking a company                                                                             criticized that stance Thurs-
it would degrade iPhone          of iPhone users with strong     to build a digital defect,      rights group in San Fran-                                             day, writing that Apple’s
security and make users          encryption — essentially        a design flaw, into their                                                                             “self-presentation as cru-
more vulnerable to spies         locking up people’s photos,     products,” said Nuala           cisco. The case turns on an                                           sading on behalf of the
and cyberthieves.                text messages and other         O’Connor of the Center for                                                                            privacy of its customers is
“We stand with @tim_cook         data so securely that even      Democracy and  Technol-         18th-century law that the                                             largely self-congratulatory
and Apple (and thank him         Apple can’t get at it. Law-     ogy, a Washington-based                                                                               nonsense.”
for his leadership)!” Twitter    enforcement officials from      group that has criticized       government has invoked to                                             Cook has made privacy
chief executive Jack Dors-       FBI Director James Comey        government surveillance.                                                                              protection a part of Ap-
ey wrote in a tweet Thurs-       on down have complained         In a statement, the center      require private assistance                                            ple’s marketing strategy,
day afternoon.                   that terrorists and criminals   warned that other compa-                                                                              drawing a contrast with
In a statement late Thurs-       may use that encryption as      nies could face similar or-     with law enforcement ef-                                              companies like Google
day, Facebook said it con-       a shield.                       ders in the future.                                                                                   and Facebook that sell ad-
demns terrorism and also         “This is really a deep ques-    Others said a government        forts. Apple has also chal-                                           vertising based on custom-
appreciates the essential        tion about the power of         victory could encourage                                                                               ers’ online behavior.
work of law enforcement in       government to redesign          regimes in China and oth-       lenged a federal search                                               Apple “can’t be seen now
keeping people safe. But it      products that we use,” said     er countries to make simi-                                                                            as doing something that
said it will “fight aggressive-  Ryan Calo, a University of      lar requests for access to      warrant based on the same                                             would make their products
ly” against requirements for     Washington law professor        smartphone data. Apple                                                                                less safe,” said Wendy Pat-
companies to weaken the                                                                          law in a Brooklyn drug case.                                          rick, who lectures about
security of their systems.                                                                                                                                             business ethics at San Di-
“These demands would                                                                             Apple has complied with                                               ego State University. “I
create a chilling prece-                                                                                                                                               think everyone saw this is-
dent and obstruct compa-                                                                         previous orders invoking                                              sue coming down the pike
nies’ efforts to secure their                                                                                                                                          and Apple always knew it
products,” the statement                                                                         that law — the All Writs Act                                          was going to push back
said.                                                                                                                                                                  when the moment came.”
Google CEO Sundar Pi-                                                                            of 1789 — although it has                                             But in doing so, Apple risks
chai also voiced support                                                                                                                                               alienating consumers who
for Apple in a series of ear-                                                                    argued the circumstances                                              put a higher value on na-
lier tweets. “Forcing com-                                                                                                                                             tional security than pri-
panies to enable hacking                                                                         were different.                                                       vacy. A recent survey by
could compromise users’                                                                                                                                                the Pew Research Center
privacy,” Pichai wrote on                                                                        While experts said the case                                           found 82 percent of U.S.
Wednesday, adding that                                                                                                                                                 adults deemed govern-
the case “could be a trou-                                                                       will likely end up in appeals                                         ment surveillance of sus-
bling precedent.”                                                                                                                                                      pected terrorists to be ac-
The government isn’t ask-                                                                        court, both sides seemed                                              ceptable. Apple’s stance
ing Apple to help break                                                                                                                                                was already drawing fire
the iPhone’s encryption di-                                                                      to be framing the debate                                              Wednesday from GOP
rectly, but to disable other                                                                                                                                           presidential candidate
security measures that pre-                                                                      for a public audience as                                              Donald Trump and com-
vent attempts to guess the                                                                                                                                             mentators on Fox News.q
phone’s passcode.                                                                                much as for a judge.

                                                                                                 The federal request “is very

                                                                                                 strategic on their part, to

                                                                                                 be sure” said Robert Cat-

                                                                                                 tanach, a former Justice

                                                                                                 Department lawyer who

                                                                                                 handles  cyber-security
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