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               Monday 4 SepteMber 2017

            GroceriesToGo Aruba Delivers Groceries and Travel Essentials to Island

            Vacationers, Time Share Rentals, Hotels, Homes and Anyone in Aruba!

                                                                      Jared  Pick,  CEO  and
                                                                      founder  of  the  company
                                                                      said,  “Our  mission  is  to
                                                                      provide  quality  products
                                                                      and  convenient  services
                                                                      to  our  customers  that  will
                                                                      allow  them  more  time  to
                                                                      enjoy  their  vacation  and
                                                                      the  wonders  of  Aruba,
                                                                      One  Happy  Island!”  Pick’s
                                                                      family  is  originally  from
                                                                      Aruba  where  his  grandfa-
                                                                      ther, known as Chipi Chipi,
                                                                      started  La  Moderna.  Gro-
                                                                      ceriesToGo Aruba is a fam-
                                                                      ily  owned  business  where
                                                                      Karl Pick is CFO and Marilyn
            PALM  BEACH  -  Groceries-   more  time  to  spend  with   Pick is Marketing Director.
            ToGo Aruba has developed  family  and  friends  while     GroceriesToGo       Aruba,
            a  convenient  service  that  here on vacation. It is also   www.GroceriesToGoA-
            shops and delivers grocery  for busy people who do not,  is  the  first  full
            items and essentials to va-  have time to spend stand-    service  online  grocery  de-
            cationers  and  anyone  on  ing  in  line  at  the  grocery   livery  business  in  Aruba.
            the  island,  allowing  them  store.                      “The  need  to  fill  the  fami-

                                                                                                   lies  grocery  order  without  We  will  take  orders  online
                                                                                                   having  to  take  time  away  and  fulfill  each  order  per-
                                                                                                   from your vacation to shop  sonally  before  delivering
                                                                                                   was our motivation to start  the items to our customers
                                                                                                   our  delivery  service.”  Gro-  (at  Time  Share  Units,  Ho-
                                                                                                   ceriesToGo Aruba will strive  tel  Rooms,  Beach  Houses,
                                                                                                   to  provide  the  most  af-  Homes, Yachts etc.).
                                                                                                   fordable  and  convenient  GroceriesToGo  Aruba  can
                                                                                                   service  to  our  customers  deliver  your  groceries  and
                                                                                                   across  the  island  who  will  travel  essentials  directly
                                                                                                   also  receive  the  highest  whenever  and  whatever
                                                                                                   quality  customer  service.  is  most  convenient  for  the
                                                                                                   “We take the hassle out of  customer.
                                                                                                   shopping in store, while still  An excellent benefit to an
                                                                                                   bringing  the  same  great  online  delivery  service  is
                                                                                                   quality  of  your  favorite  that  you  can  order  online
                                                                                                   products right to your front  prior  to  your  travels  and
                  280 2333                                                                         door.”                       have quality freshness wait-
                                                                                                   Our company will offer the  ing  for  you  upon  arrival,
                Orange Plaza                                                                       service of conveniently de-  as  well  as  order  from  us
                                                                                                   livering  groceries  to  island  anytime  during  your  stay
                Italiëstraat 50                                                                    vacationers  and  anyone  here in Aruba. Our motto is
                                                                                                                                “Save  Time,  Grocery  Shop
                                                                                                   living  or  staying  on  the  is-
                                                                                                   land  who  are  unable  to,  Online”
                                                                                                   or  simply  would  rather  not  www.GroceriesToGoAru-
                                                                                                   grocery  shop  themselves.  ba.comq
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