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                  Monday 8 January 2018

            Real Island Life: Notes From A Day On Aruba!

                                                                      day  you  might  go  swim-
                                                                      ming   or   drive   around
                                                                      but  it  is  after  a  few  more
                                                                      days  at  home  when  you
                                                                      start  realizing  how  beauti-
                                                                      ful  our  island  really  is.  So  I
                                                                      took  some  time  to  “smell
                                                                      the   ocean    breeze”......
                                                                      I  truly  think  that  all  locals
                                                                      should  do  so,  once  in  a
                                                                      while, to appreciate where
                                                                      we live and what we have.
                                                                      Enjoy  breakfast  outside  in
                                                                      your patio or yard. Breathe
                                                                      in  and  out....  Let  it  sink  in
                                                                      a  little.  No  rush  and  no
                                                                      hurry.  Take  time  to  enjoy
            PALM BEACH - First of all, I  rants,  shopping,  gambling,   your fresh squeezed lemon
            like to welcome you to my  activities and more.           juice  from  your  backyard
            island  in  the  sun.  Aruba’s                            trees with a fish omelet (left
            weather  is  always  so  pre-  Talking  about  all  those   over’s  from  last  night’s  in-  but  also  nice  for  the  ex-  out  and  catch  some  sun.
            dictable  (hot  and  windy)  fun  things  to  do  here,  if   credible catch of the day).   perience  are  the  open-air  If you pick a spot close to
            and that might be the main  you  live  on  the  island  full   Grab an ice cooler, fill it up   jeeps.  In  that  case  all  you  the Snack Container where
            reason  you  decided  to  time, and work every day,       with  anything  you  like  to   need  is  to  protect  yourself  they  sell  burger  and  re-
            come visit us. Of course be-  you  might  forget  that  we   drink  cold,  and  start  driv-  with sun block because our  freshments  you  can  enjoy
            sides the sun there is much  truly  live  in  a  paradise.   ing. Of course you can get   sun is really strong-I recom-  24-7 “golden oldies”. Music
            more like: beaches, restau-  Of  course  on  your  off
                                                                      in  an  air-conditioned  car,   mend  Aruba  Aloe  brand!  you grew up with...... After
                                                                                                   Packed  with  a  towel  and  a  few  hours  of  “vegging”
                                                                                                   the ice cooler I started driv-  on  the  beach  staring  at
                                                                                                   ing  along  the  coast  line.  the  turquoise  ocean  and
                                                                                                   Never  realized  how  many  listening  to  the  birds  that
                                                                                                   different  shades  of  blue  fly  by  and  walk  around  it
                                                                                                   really  exist  in  the  ocean.  I  is  time  to  get  some  food.
                                                                                                   counted  at  least  9  differ-  Zeerovers  in  Savaneta  is
                                                                                                   ent  types  of  blues-just  like  the  place  to  go.  Simple,
                                                                                                   you  see  in  famous  mov-   clean and oh so good! The
                                                                                                   ies  like  the  “blue  lagoon”.  freshest  fish  on  the  island,
                                                                                                   First  stop  was  the  famous  brought  in  directly  by  our
                                                                                                   Charlie’s  Bar  in  San  Nico-  local  fisherman.  You  order
                                                                                                   laas  Main  Street.  Genera-  by the piece and or pound
                                                                                                   tion  after  generation  of  and as little or as much as
                                                                                                   Charlie’s  have  been  run-  you want. The price for fish
                                                                                                   ning this cozy place, where  and  chips  is  so  good  that
                                                                                                   you can spend hours look-    you  for  sure  would  ask:  “is
                                                                                                   ing around and identifying  that  all”?  No  fancy  din-
                                                                                                   all the things visiting tourists  ner  ware,  just  plain  easy
                                                                                                   have left behind to person-  simple plastic but I promise
                                                                                                   alize  the  bar,  like  baseball  you that you will be licking
                                                                                                   caps,  business  cards,  li-  your  fingers  while  enjoying
                                                                                                   cense plates and of course  a  few  drinks  and  the  best
                                                                                                   weird kind of souvenirs. Go  sunset on the island, island
                                                                                                   check  it  out  yourself.....  style........
                                                                                                   Up  to  Baby  Beach  and
                                                                                                   Rogers  beach.  These  are  You  see  now  that  a  day
                                                                                                   the  places  locals  go.  This  in  Aruba  can  fly  by  as
                                                                                                   is where we teach our kids  long  as  you  have  fun  en-
                                                                                                   to swim. Calm and shallow  joy  every  moment  of  it.
                                                                                                   waters, lots of space to lie  Yes, you are in PARADISE!!!q
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