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Dodgers complete sweep

                                                                                         July 8, 2017
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                                              Warming Ties

            U.S. President Donald Trump, right, and Russian President Vladimir Putin shake hands during the G20 summit in Hamburg Germany, Friday July 7, 2017.
                                                                                                                                  (AP Photo/Marcellus Stein)
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                  Trump Meets Putin: Talk of Positive Results, Not of Election

                 Over 120 Nations Adopt First Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons

              By EDITH M. LEDERER                clear  weapons,”  Whyte  Gomez  to such an atrocity.”                 deterrence,  which  has  been  es-
              Associated Press                   said.  “We  (are)  ...  saying  to  our  None of the nine countries known  sential  to  keeping  the  peace  in
              UNITED  NATIONS  (AP)  —  More  children that, yes, it is possible to  or  believed  to  possess  nuclear  Europe and North Asia for over 70
              than 120 countries approved the  inherit  a  world  free  from  nuclear  weapons  —  the  United  States,  years.”
              first-ever  treaty  to  ban  nuclear  weapons.”                       Russia,  Britain,  China,  France,  In-  The treaty offers no solution to “the
              weapons Friday at a U.N. meeting  “The  world  has  been  waiting  for  dia,  Pakistan,  North  Korea  and  grave threat posed by North Ko-
              boycotted  by  all  nuclear-armed  this legal norm for 70 years,” since  Israel  —  is  supporting  the  treaty.  rea’s nuclear program, nor does it
              nations.                           atomic bombs were dropped on  Many of their allies also did not at-   address other security challenges
              To  loud  applause,  Elayne  Whyte  Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August  tend the meeting.                  that  make  nuclear  deterrence
              Gomez,  president  of  the  U.N.  1945  at  the  end  of  World  War  II,  In a joint statement, the U.N. am-  necessary,”  the  three  ambassa-
              conference that has been nego-     she said.                          bassadors from the United States,  dors said.
              tiating the legally binding treaty,  Setsuko  Thurlow,  who  was  a  Britain and France said their coun-  A ban that doesn’t address these
              announced the results of the “his-  13-year-old  student  in  Hiroshima  tries don’t intend to ever become  concerns  “cannot  result  in  the
              toric” vote — 122 nations in favor,  when  a  U.S.  nuclear  bomb  de-  party to the treaty.             elimination  of  a  single  nuclear
              the  Netherlands  opposed,  and  stroyed  the  city,  said  survivors  They said it “clearly disregards the  weapon  and  will  not  enhance
              Singapore abstaining.              “have worked all our lives to make  realities of the international secu-  any country’s security,” they said.
              “We  have  managed  to  sow  the  sure that no other human beings  rity  environment”  and  “is  incom-          Continued on Page 2
              first  seeds  of  a  world  free  of  nu-  should  ever  again  be  subjected  patible with the policy of nuclear
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